Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too Hot to Handle.

: ( Tonight's ride on W's 2nd level-schooled dressage horse has been cancelled due to the heat. She gave me a little hope about tomorrow (apparently we're supposed to get a big storm to cool things off), though I remain skeptical.

I'm beyond bummed about tonight, as it's near impossible to ride in this heat, meaning Moon and I are making zero forward progress. Today I found myself wishing for cool and buggy, over hot and humid. Right now, for my US friends, it's 94 F, 111 F with the humidex. Apparently Canada is not so cold; surprise.

According to an interesting formula, today's temperature and humidity is the still comfortable for the horses...I raise an eyebrow, as it sure isn't comfortable to me. And I feel awful working Moon when I wouldn't work myself.

Bummed, I figure I'll still go out to visit him later this evening. Give him a nice shower with the garden hose and a little bit more of his vitamins. Baby him up a bit and all that.

Yesterday, I did make him a new saddle pad, just cause. It didn't turn out perfect, but it'll be good for hacking, as it's not too thick. Lime green with cute pony embroidery. I'll try to get a pic. I also watched the Spruce Meadows Derby from the weekend, and was less then amused when the BF commented "How come your horse doesn't look like THAT?" as greats like Lamaze came out on their perfectly muscled, perfect confirmation, shiny horses. Should I point out that his saddle costs at least 5 times that of Moon?! (insert eye roll)

On a happy note, my new CC saddle was shipped this morning, and is scheduled to arrive on Friday afternoon in Pembina. So I'm contemplating going down to get it, as T and I are a go for the Interlake Riding Club's trail ride at Birds Hill Park. If I pick it up on Friday, I can do a test ride in it on Saturday. Nice opportunity to see how it fit Moon'er and see how he performs in it.

I'm really excited about both things. Maybe I'll bring my brown bridle home tonight to oil up for the weekend...I'm soo intent on buying a nice merino 1/2 pad to go with it, but am quickly realizing that it'll have to wait.

So it looks like 2 goals of the year will be completed in a couple days. I suppose that's ONE highlight of this crazy hot week.

On the down-side, the heat means I spend too much time dreaming in front of my computer, attempting to spend money I shouldn't! Thankfully, I've managed to leave everything in the 'cart' and not actually make any purchases.

As a personal aside, my manager approached me and my co-workers to ask if we'd be interested in taking on the role of manager while he's on a shortened Mat. leave in October (just a couple weeks in the position each). I have until Friday to give my answer, but am fairly certain I'll do it just for the experience. And it doesn't hurt that it comes with acting pay! Maybe Mr. Moon can get that 1/2 pad a little sooner... ; )

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