Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lesson Day: My FAVORITE Day of the Week

It's true. I love lesson days. I wake up just wanting to bound down to the barn and jump aboard Mr. Moon! Of course, instead, I get to stuff my car full of gear and drive to work, to sit around for an obscene number of hours until I'm released from that which pays for my fun, and free to finally drive to the barn.

Unfortunately, yesterday I had a (nearly forgotten) allergist appointment at 8 am, which meant I had to forego my morning ride. *sigh*. It's hard sometimes not to be jealous of my fellow bloggers who are managing 3 or more rides/week. Yes, I'm managing to keep up with my new followers (thanks guys!), and am amazed to read of so many successes. It just motivates me to get out on Moon, and saddens me on the rainy, busy or otherwise uncooperative days.

While I couldn't ride Moon'er yesterday, I DID manage to oil my bridle and YET again, forgot to wash my purple saddle pad. Oye. Still uncertain if T will make it out today, so I might be going solo. I'm actually a little excited at the notion of testing my abilities to haul him solo. Not that it's a real task, but still. It's one more check on the list.

Before I get too far, I wanted to add that I've successfully tested allergy negative to Horses and Dogs. Yippee! So we can officially know that my hives do not relate to Moon or my dog Halo. I sincerely suspect that it has a lot to do with dust, from his shiny coat to the sand ring. *sigh*. Oh well. Even if I had proven allergic, nothing would stop me from riding.

As promised, I've downloaded my most recent pony pics. Since there's not much to tell until after today's lesson, we'll just relax and enjoy these.

Oh, and unfortunately (but fortunately) I'm leaving for Ottawa on Monday. Which means no lesson next week, and likely no practice time between this lesson and the next (nearly 2 weeks), as I'm down there until the Monday following. On a good note, I get a few days to myself, where I hope to visit the RCMP's stable (HAVE to see ponies!), and ride the train home. : )

Picture Numero Uno:
Moon's New Fly Mask. Just a trial run to see what he thinks of it...turns out, the other horses think it's WEIRD. Hence, chasing him and biting at it. Even his best buddy "Paint" wasn't sure who was under that mask...

Numero Dos:
Mr. Moon and The Boss Mare Charging Across the Field. Mmmm...beautiful pony gallop!

Numero Tres:
Moon'ers Manly Gear. Unfortunately, sniffing poo is more important then looking up for pictures.

Numero Quatro:
Moon in the "new" cooler...still tempted to sell it, as I think it's too tight in the shoulders. But he sure looks nice in it. ALMOST shows off his "running QH" heritage. Almost. : P

Numero Cinco:
One more, 'cause he's so pretty in it. Almost makes him look tall and thin : P ALMOST. ; )

Enjoy your day, horse-y or not!

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