Friday, June 24, 2011

BF Ride!

Yesterday, Farrier Dee came out to work on Moon's feet. He grows extremely fast, and last weekend when I was cleaning them I knew he was ready for a trim, despite being a week ahead of schedule. When Dee was out yesterday, she agreed, praised my ability to recognize when they need to be done, and we agreed to start on every 5 week trims for the summer. Moon maintains a beautiful solid and secure hoof, without any chipping and cracking (knock on wood), which is awesome to see when so many people are struggling with the wet weather.

She did let me know to watch his frogs, and that while they're currently fine, there's always the risk of thrush. She said if I notice that they're peeling a lot or disappearing, to wash them, pack them with a solution of sugar and betadine, place gauze on the bottom and wrap them in duck tape to draw out the infection. Let's hope we stay clear of that!

It was a great visit, and my dog even hung out without any issue. It's nice to see your horse and dog together, something I never though possible before. Not until a dog at Coach W's sat in front of Moon licking his nose on Wednesday! And Mr. Moon just didn't care.

After the farrier left, I took the BF for a lead line ride (yes, he had to wear a helmet), and led him over some trotting poles. He really wanted to 'ride' on his own, so I tied the lead to either side of his halter and gave him reins. We were in the small ring, so Moon couldn't really 'run away', and I didn't want to give the BF reins on the bit. Why? Because of all the problems we've been having with his gapping mouth. I feel awful to say it, but I don't want Moon to have to have anyone (other then me and Coach W) messing around with his mouth and the bit. I think it's the best way to get him used to gentle contact.

It was cute though, as even though the BF had reins and could turn Moon's head (I taught him about intermittent pressure, not just pulling on the reins, as well as open reining), Mr. Moon just wanted to follow me around. Everywhere I went in the ring, so did Moon. If I stopped, Moon stopped. It was cute!

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