Monday, June 20, 2011

To each, his own.

I started my search for an equine dentist and veterinarian. It's time, though I hope to keep the overall costs down and not wind up spending $100 just getting the fellow down to the barn. Let's face it; Moon is healthy and happy, and this is more preventative maintenance then anything else. $150 for the actual dentistry, sure. But not for you to drive you vehicle around, considering you're in the neighbourhood anyway...

I called the local clinic and they seem alright, though some locals caution me. Fair enough. So I tried next my friend's dentist who they swear by. I just got off the phone with the dentist, and my gut reaction is NOT to call back. It's interesting how someone can adore one person, and yet you just don't click with them. Our phone conversation was stilting and I felt like I was conversing with someone who was not a professional. Instead of feeling at ease talking to them, I felt nervous, apprehensive and invasive. Even when I dialled the number and they answered the phone, there was no "So and So's Equine Dentistry". Just "Hello". Very pro.

I really, really want MoonSox's vet to be someone who I trust, who is easy to work with and that I enjoy. I consider myself very fortunate in that I've been able to find an awesome farrier in D. She's professional, punctual, answers my emails quickly, responds to questions as she works as I quiz her about all sorts of things. I love that, and really like having her out. I imagine, that if I'm looking for someone to care for my very important first horse, I want my vet to be much the same. Which means now I'm on a hunt to find someone I like. Yes, I realize that you shouldn't judge someone based on one phone call and if everyone else doesn't work out, I suppose I'd still give them a try. But until them, I'm looking for someone that instantly gives me the warm fuzzies.

Anyone have any suggestions in Manitoba??!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about impressions on the phone. When we were trying to find a new barn it was really surprising how unprofessional sounding even some of the high dollar facilities were. They definitely didn't give us a sense of confidence so we kept looking. In the end we really did choose the one who gave us the best first impression. And they keep on impressing us which is great!

    We are far enough from where we were that we now need a new vet and farrier too. I hate not being familiar with the ones in the area.

    And we are also on the hunt for a dentist. We just had Dee floated last fall, and we did have her teeth checked last month (although admittedly not by our usual vet and it wasn't what I'd call a thorough check) but the new barn says Dee is dribbling a lot of grain. I can't decide if maybe she is just a dribbler or maybe our vet didn't do a good job or what. More money more money. We haven't called the dentist that the barn recommended yet. Fingers crossed he gives a good first impression!

  2. 100% understand. Like heck if I'm letting someone work on my horse if my "gut" tells me no way. The way I think about it, I wouldn't go to a doctor I felt uneasy with, so I'm not going to use a vet that I don't absolutely love.

  3. Hey! In the past I've always used a vet and a dentist. I felt OK about both of them but I didn't love either of them. Back in April, Grayson's dentist found that he had two broken molars that were infected. So I had to go to my vet for treatment (antibiotics) and a referral to NC State Vet Hospital to get those teeth removed.

    After the teeth were removed, my vet called and texted me on a regular basis to check on Grayson. He also came out once a week to check the sockets. Ya it was expensive to have him come out every week but that was a lot cheaper then Grayson getting a systemic infection from those sockets.

    Moral of the story: don't discredit a vet for doing a good job with teeth. There's definitely value in a vet knowing your horse from top to bottom...including his mouth. I love knowing that my vet is very familiar with Grayson's teeth. There are great dentists and crappy dentists. Some vets would rather have a dentist float teeth and there are also vets who love teeth. Definitely go with your gut :)