Monday, June 6, 2011

Away *I* go...

Yes, it's true. This afternoon I leave for 1 week to Ottawa, which means no lesson, no MoonSox and no riding. While normally it's not the biggest deal in the world to me (I went weeks last year without riding), I'm finding that when you have your own horse, and he's special to you, it makes a bigger deal. For me anyway.

So now I'm thinking about all the practice we're missing out on, the evening trail rides that won't happen and how he won't get groomed for a whole week! My poor boy.

I can't complain over-much, as I've got some free time in Ottawa to tour the parliament buildings and see the city, plus a three day train ride across Ontario. Really, I'm lucky to be going, and will survive my horseless-ness.

The good news? As of yesterday, the camper repairs are 90% complete! Which means I'll be nearly free to start riding regularly again, and I've only 2 more spanish classes left! While it's just in time for the bugs to spring up, I hope to fabricate some bug mesh gear for when riding Moon, and we'll keep on working hard. I have every intention of getting serious about my riding, and pushing for some successes.

The other thing? I'm thinking about seeing if T wants to put on a little 'show' for the girls who come to the farm to work with the little ponies. I was thinking we could make up a halter class, a trail class that can be done from the ground, and MAYBE a riding class, if it'll work for them. Or barrels. I could make them some ribbons and it would be a neat little time.

Thus, I'm excited about my trip (HOPE to see the RCMP stables!), and know that in a week I'll be home and riding seriously.

I'll be MIA for awhile, but expect my return!

Happy Riding!

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