Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To Ride...or Not to Ride...


It's been raining off and on all day, sometimes REALLY heavy, sometimes, like now, not at all. I received an email from T this morning saying she wouldn't be able to make it out to tonight's lesson, and I know the truck and trailer are likely in the sticky mud, meaning I'll make big ruts or get stuck if I attempt to pull out. Or it'll be just fine and I'm sitting here trying to convince myself not to ride...

Both are likely scenarios.

It's funny. I LOVE riding lesson days and have been eager to get back out to visit Moon. Yet for some reason, I'm always looking for an excuse to stay home. I just don't understand it, as I enjoy being out there, she has an awesome indoor so we'll be dry, I miss him, he probably needs the grooming, I enjoy Coach W's I just lazy?

I do have to stop home and get a cheque, as I forgot one and it's pay-day again for lessons. I should mention, that not only did I spent $155 at Apple Saddlery last week, and not only does Mr. Moon still need to get his teeth done, but SmartPak has the shipping boots I want on sale!! And doesn't ship to Canada. So now I'm trying to see if will price match, and then I'll likely end up buying a bunch of competition stuff I don't need just yet, in order to get the most out of my shipping costs.

Okay, so here I am wanting to spend dollar after dollar on pony supplies, but dawdling at getting out there and riding! Aurgh. It ends now. I go and ride tonight IF the rain isn't pouring down when I leave home with the cheque. That's now decided.

Wish, wish, WISH that the rain would go away, I would feel motivated and we could have an awesome lesson tonight. If you don't hear from me, you know...I either chickened out or I'm stuck in the mud somewhere...

Oh, and T said in her email that Mr. Moon has come calling up to the fence whenever she showed up lately and when she walked out to say hi, he'd walk away before she got close...she CLAIMS it's cause he realized it wasn't me, so wanted nothing to do with her. ; ) Oh, if only that was true and he missed me too! : P I'll pretend!

I also NEED to mail out my AQHA transfer papers, but with the postal strike I don't want to risk them getting lost. . Who knows when I'll be able to get him in my own name...I'm thinking if we do manage to show, I might like to instead of calling him by his registered name of RR Moons Sox, maybe I'll call him Manitoba MoonSox? Really, that's who he is to me...or Moon'er, but that's not really show appropriate!


  1. Thats how I am sometimes...just the push to get yourself out there sucks. But once I'm out I love it and want to stay for hours! So weird! Glad I'm not the only one :)

    I say go ride!!!!!


  2. For me, it's discouragement. If I have a bad ride, I don't want to go out again. If I have a good ride, I'll be back in the saddle the next day.