Friday, June 3, 2011

Every'body but me.

Sometimes, I'm childish. I really am.

I REALLY want to try showing Moon. It's a stupid idea, and the more I tell myself so, the more I want to do it.

What I need to do, is discuss it with Coach when I get back from Ottawa in a week and a half. There will still be lots of opportunity should we have the potential to make it there, and we'll have a solid opinion behind us. But I suspect, we're not ready. Which frustrates me.

I want us to enter and enter well. With sincere abilities to place, not because there's no one else in the class or because of luck or the ability of other riders. But because my horse has actually learned and been trained to work and move a certain way.

The problem is, that takes a LONG time. In 4 weeks, we've gone from Mr. Head-in-the-sky to a horse that's starting to figure it out. Our walk is becoming really nice. Our under improvement. Our halt, at home at least, sucks. Our back...not sure. I suspect, it's going to be 5 more week before we have a half decent trot. With a need for me to learn diagonals. Which means we are NOT ready to show.

And since the shows all end by September, we're not going to fit into my category of 'ready'. Then I think we could just enter a costume class or a walk-trot for the experience of it all, but my mind whispers "you're just doing that so you can do something, not because it's what you want". And it's true.

Don't you hate it when you brain says one thing, and your impatience says another?

The only positive (there's more, but I'm being childish), is that since we'll have to wait till next year to enter the show ring, we won't have any reason to abandon lessons between now and then. Which means we'll be riding with Coach W for the next year and since we've come so far already, by next summer we'll rock. Hopefully...

What I wish more, was that we had more time to practice. We were doing well for a bit there, riding 3 times/week, until the camper showed up. And suddenly I'm lucky if I get in our lesson and a short practice ride. Which means our progress is slowed. My hope, is that we finish 90% of the camper off this weekend and by the time I get back from my trip, I'm able to focus on my riding 3-day/week again. And since we're with a coach, those rides will be pointed and specific.

Our spanish language course will also be coming to a close in two weeks, which means I'll get my Tuesday nights back too. My intent is to make Tues-Wed-Thurs my riding nights, though I know once we have the camper I'll be wanting to stay out there and ride even more!

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