Saturday, June 11, 2011

All about the horses!

I'm on the train; thanks to work, riding first class which means the good life...those 48 hours to Winnipeg will surely pale by comparison now!

Of course, what could relate to horses on a business trip to Ottawa? Well, if you're me, it includes a trip tote RCMP's musical ride stables. Which, after smelling that sweet horse smell, which leaves one homesick and more so, horse sick, I HAD to travel to Applesaddlery, one of the best Canadian tack stores, located in Glouchester, about 15 km's south east of Ottawa.

Now, I'm a bit loonie some days and after visiting the stables wanted desperately to head out on foot. Why? Dunno. So I started walking. Google said it'd be 1.75 hours...thanks to construction it took me just over 2! And yes, I wore thru my shoes! Not joking.

Apple saddlery is in the weirdest spot. You're still in the 'city' but across from Rona and Petsmart is an old barn, two cows and a goat. It's WEIRD. Then, next door is apple saddlery.

I was a little disappointed that a lot of the store has been taken over by outdoor goods, but I still enjoyed my visit. It was hard not to buy everything, knowing there was no shipping. But in the end, I bought a $55 Ariat sweater for only $30, perfect for the ride home since I didn't bring a jacket. I also got on sale a paddock boot bag and garnet bag that match pretty well to my helmet and tall boot bags. My luggage is nearly complete.

What else? The coolest thing I got the whole trip, my FIRST hunt coat! An actual show jacket by Tuff Rider. Marked to 1/2 price and a really nice dark brown. And it fit great, unlike most of the others I tried. Now I just need a shirt and I'm ready to show!!!

Anyway, back to enjoying the train ride, and dreaming about seeing Moon on Monday. It's been too long...

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  1. Hey now! It's fantastic to read that you had a good visit to our store, but I think you should have used the amazing Outdoor Department to your advatage and gotten some new shoes... and maybe a Xootr to speed up your travel time? ;)

    (From Apple Saddlery)