Monday, April 11, 2011

Learning means doing it again.

Today was a gorgeous day, so I headed out to the barn to work MoonSox for a bit. After a good long grooming to get him looking in tiptop shape again, I attached his lunge cavesson and we went back out to the field to practice our lunging.

Well, it was way easier this time then last! Though he was pretty firey and even gave me a bit of a canter! He did wonderfully, trotting and walking and really keeping a consistent rythym at times. Even started to lower his head and round out his back. We still have a really long way to go, but I'm crazy proud of him.

By the time we were all finished, he was covered in mud and his whole belly, chest and even cheeks were sweating! Never mind the fact that I was sweaty too!

I scraped him down and cooled him off, and then gave him a quick brushing. And what did he do when I let him go? Roll! And then shake chunks of mud all over me when he stood up. Total dofus!

The one thing that caught my attention was two muscle lines on his belly. They're much more prominent then I remember on a lot of horses, and I'm wondering if those are the ones we need to build up, if they're just covered with fatty deposits from needing exercise, or if he has extra large stomach muscles?

Other exciting thing? T is hoping to fill the ring with sand this summer! Which means a coach would be willing to come in, such as Elaine Banfield. Might be a nice option if trailering doesn't work so well. Jumping will also be a thousand times nicer for us too.

: ) Looking forward to more days like today!

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