Sunday, April 10, 2011

The dangers of ex-bosses...

Ex-bosses are dangerous folks; especially when they're old polo bosses that despite all of your self-preservation instincts, you keep in contact with them. They're not bad people just crazy convincing.

Seven or so years ago I worked for a fellow; for some crazy reason he hired me even after I fell off his horse during the job interview. I rode and groomed for him for the summer and had a bad mishap with one of his horses that left me in the hospital. Came back in the fall and rode a bit more. Two summers later while waiting to start my career I agreed to mow the polo field for a couple of bucks and groom part time. And work for one road trip tournament. I don't know why, but I love polo, and despite everything, really enjoy working for the fellow. To this day, I don't know why!

Anyway, I was in contact with him again looming to try Moon out at polo, and looking for a boarding barn. So today he calls me up, we chat barns, horses and all that. And he tells me that Hobo is retiring likely at the end of this polo season. Hobo is about 16 now, and was my favorite polo pony he had. Super trust worthy, sweet as honey. I loved him and always said I'd buy him in a heartbeat.

'G' is looking for a retirement home for Hobo and one other horse of his and thought of me. But he heard I already had Moon...

Sooo...we spoke a bit regardless and will stay in touch in case I need some companion horses. Now I'm sitting here thinking about sweet Hobo and wondering if I need two horses. I could probably afford board for them this fall at T's place and keeping them on our property whn the time comes wouldn't be an issue. Dear sweet Hobo...

Hmmm. And to think I tease the BF that he doesn't need two quads and two snowmobiles! Maybe I need two ponies?

So, would you take in an old friend, even if you've a current riding partner??

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