Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finding the right lesson barn...

I've taken lessons at more stables then I care to remember. And have visited even more then that, always looking for the 'right' place. Well, I'm hunting again, expect this time, I have a horse of my own. Which makes it even more difficult.

I need someone who can help me train MoonSox, who has a facility that makes trailering in easy, who is an EC coach, who is compatible with me, who has an indoor ring for all weather so we can ride even when it's raining out, who's flexible to meet our schedule, is close enough to not waste gas and is reasonably priced.

Seems impossible!

When I'm back home this weekend (in Montreal for work right now), I'm going to give Wendy Barnett of Bar W Stables a call. I found an ad of hers that I saved awhile back, and visited her website. Seems like it might be the perfect fit...

My math tells me that she's only 8 miles away. Even picking up a friend, it'd be no more then 12 miles, one way. That's pretty darn close. She's an EC Level 1 Coach. Perfect! She is willing to teach riders to train their horses, and welcomes trailer ins (need to visit the property to see how much of a pain the trailer turning would be), she has private and semi-private lessons, an indoor arena with viewing lounge, is big on dressage and is only $110 for 4 semi-private or $130 for 4 private lessons. Perfectly in my price range!

I'm really excited about this now. M was pulling the truck and trailer out at the Ranch when I was by last Monday, and all I could think about was getting back into lessons. I've been keeping on top of Prairie Nerd's lessons with Handsome (shout-out ; ) ), and I can't help but be jealous! You can already see how much progress they are making, and after our less then perfect ride last week and our beginnings of a successful lunge training day (drawing from my old coach's teachings), I just want to get back into the learning!

Next week, I hope to continue our lunging, and start working on ensuring MoonSox loads nicely into the trailer. And then maybe talking to T about using it once a week.

: ) I just want to get home!!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Sometimes the fresh set of eyes and new perspective a coach can bring makes all the difference to your riding. I've heard good things about Bar W, and since you'll be trailering, the proximity is great too. I hope she has what you're looking for! I'll keep reading for updates.