Saturday, April 9, 2011

Worry-warts are expensive.

It's a fact. I worry a lot when it comes to family, and my pets are part of my family. Only two thankfully: MoonSox and my dog Halo.

Well three weeks ago we noticed a sore on Halo's face and have watched it spread to the other side of her muzzle and below her chin. Worried all through my trip to Montreal and despite trying to save money and look forward to spending my tax return on horse gear, riding lessons and maybe some new glasses and a teeth float for Moon, I knew I needed to take my dog to the vet just to be certain that it wasn't severe and that she wouldn't get sick and then we did out we could have done something to make her better sooner.

So today I called our vet and got her in.

Hair plucking, poking, blood taking (I got to help out which reminded me how much I loved being a technician in the clinics) and a painful ear sample later, we knew she didn't have parasites, a systemic infection and likely wasn't going to die from it. $277 later, we have had 30 days of pills, ear wash, ear ointment, topical antibiotics and no real answer. Vet thinks she's been rubbing it; second guess was ring worm, but he's never seen it there...and the bf and I are both ringworm free! At least I'm less worried now and feel like we're doing something for her. Even if it means forgoing some pony gear and toys for myself. They just come first. Sure hope Moon stays healthy. And it'll be awhile before I can transfer his papers now, just because of the expense.

Suh is the price of love : P And worry!

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