Saturday, April 9, 2011

Making 'Cool' Jumps

So I bought some supplies to make my own jump standards, and have been looking at the dull pressure-treated posts...can't paint them, since that's the wonderful part of pressure treating. No need to ever paint cause they won't rot.

A little 'day dreaming' on, and I came up with a great, inexpensive idea. I even have some old bed sheets from my mom that would work perfect! And with some creative painting, maybe some logos on the centre panels too.

These, are examples of my idea:

Fabric sleeves for the poles, and panels to create solid jumps! Just sew different colored strips and slide them onto the poles for a creative, unique design.

Here's another great example:

Last thing, is to swing by the Home Depot and pick up a panel of PVC lattice. That will make a perfect panel jump as well. So it looks like this summer, we'll have some really neat jumps to ride over. I'm even going to dig up as many used silk flowers as I can to place in pots around the jumps. What a neat look it will give the place!

Now to go do some sewing!

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