Thursday, January 20, 2011


It's been cold. I'm a wimp.

Yesterday, I was going to go to the barn. I had brought my winter riding pants, helmet, toque, scarf, mitts, everything in to work with me, ready to leave at the end of the day and head right out.

...but silly me, checked the weather network first. COLD.

So I went home instead. Which is okay, because by the time I finished getting gas, there was a 1/2 hour to sunset, and I hadn't even left the city. : (

On a good note, next week is supposed to be warm. On an even better note, every day the sun sets a little mid-february, it won't set until 6 pm. That's an extra hour, and exactly how much longer I need!

: ) Wonder when I'll hear more about the EC theory course from Ebbe??...

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