Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting 'Ready'.

There's of course, still a lot to get done before I 'officially' take possession of MoonSox. I also figured I'd be saving up 'horse gear' for years in advance, so that when the time came, I'd have everything I needed already...

Granted, I've accumulated a number of items over the years, but now looking at my meagre tack-box (which is a glorified rubbermaid box) I'm left feeling like there's A LOT I still need to get, and now the pressure is on.

To add to that, I now have the expenses associated with boarding, farrier and vaccines to cope with; don't get me wrong, I'll gladly do it in order to own Moon, but it does mean some juggling of expenses. So far, I've determined the following associated costs:

Farrier - $30 every 8 weeks.
Vaccines - $60/year
Dewormer - $20/every season
Supplies - Ongoing!
Board - $150 - $400/month (depending on facilities and level of care).

Right now, I'm trying to make a list of 'must-haves' for Moon, that I'll work towards buying over the year. To add to that, I'd like to start fencing off the back pasture this summer (after we get the tractor), so maybe we can have some temporary boarding for him. I also want to talk to our neighbours, who have an old barn I might be able to fix up so I can stable Moon overnight at the property.

My current pony stash includes:

1) 3640' of Hi-Tensile Electric Fencing
2) Solar Fence Energizer
3) 1 pkg. of nail-in insulators
4) ~3000' of used barbed wire
5) English Saddle (Synthetic) w/Changeable Gullet (inc. 1 set of stirrups, leathers, 48" girth)
6) Australian Saddle w/Undergirth and home-made overgirth.
7) English Synthetic Stirrup leathers (which are wearing out)
8) 46" leather girth
9) 1 set of Green Polos
10) 4 Hoofpicks
11) English Bridle (quite supple and good leather) and flat reins
12) English Bridle (stiff and lower quality leather) and braided reins
13) D-Ring Copper Roller Bit (unsure of size but it seems to work fine with Moon)
14) Various grooming equipment (dandy brushes, wash mitt, Sweat Scraper, Face brush)
15) Horsemen's One Step Tack Cleaner
16) Small Horse Halter (Doesn't fit Moon)
17) "Sweet B" Halter (Low quality and was B's)
18) Leather Show Halter (w/Silver embellishments)
19) Rope Halter (Fits nice)
20) 2 Riding Helmets (one older plastic, one new show quality)
21) Halter-Bridle Combo (lower quality leather, but a neat idea)
22) Leather Soap
23) Nearly empty container of Fly-Spray

So, I'm starting my "Gear I Need" list. Hopefully I can get some of it used (Spring Tack Sale and Kijiji) and maybe add some of the large items to my birthday list! I know Red looks amazing on Moon (too bad most of my stuff is light blue), so I think I'll try and stick to those colors...

1)Haybag Nylon STE9324 $12.95 (for Travelling)
2)Height & Weight Tape STE9352 $3.95
3)Folding Saddle Stand STE9257 $36.95
4)Shedrow Quilted Cottons 14 x 54 Bandage BAC1901 $9.95
5)Flexi Dee W/peanut BIE0005 $39.95
6)Curvon Baker Summer Sheet BLS1547 $109.95
7)Supra High Neck Fly Sheet Mesh W/Gusset BLC0026 $69.95
8)Shedrow Deluxe Fly Mask HOR0010 $14.95
9)Brush Finishing GRO4333 $4.49
10) Pulling Comb Aluminum GRO4357 $0.99
11) Bot-knife GRO4358 $3.49

.... The more I write, the more I think I have a TON to get still!

Really, as far as essentials go, I just need some first aid supplies (need those BEFORE an emergency), some hoof dressing and maybe my own halter for him (wish I hadn't lost my old padded nylon halter with the little running horses!). Though I do have that rope halter kicking around somewhere...

Anyways, as I've gotten distracted, I noticed that last year MJHA (the hunter-jumper association) had a 'first time competitor' clinic, where over 2 days you could learn what is judged, how to show and compete at a number of basic courses. This would be about perfect for me and Moon, since it's pretty low jumps, and even has a flat equitation course (meaning no jumping).

. I wish the weather would warm up already so I could head out and start working Sox'ers again. Is it wrong to have owned a horse for almost 2 weeks and not been out even ONCE for a visit?!

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  1. I am going to warn you right now - do not use the Horseman's One Step on your tack, especially not your stiff leather bridle. It leaves the leather feeling tacky, and dust, debris, and dander will stick to it. You're better off using your glycerin soap and a good leather conditioner.