Monday, January 31, 2011 a little carried away!

I went shopping today; online. Which is dangerous. Especially when you're getting really good deals : O

I tried to really keep myself from going overboard, since it all started because of a really nice $10 bridle and $5 discount coupon to HorseLoverz...

...and finished $192 later!

The thing I feel good about, if that makes sense, was the savings.
$10 bridle and reins, regular price $70
$15 fly sheet, regular price $50
$14 fly mask w/ears and fleece lining, regular price $20
$10 dressage show pad, regular price $20
$4 fetlock boots, regular price $20
$4 brushing boots, regular price $30
$5 jump cups (bought 3 sets), regular price $15 each ($30 total)
$5 field boot socks (bought 2 pairs!), regular price $10 each ($20 total)
$3 dewormer, regular price $10
$5 halter (sooo nice, and way better then the one I'm currently using), regular price $15
$3 lead rope (since the horses keep eating mine), regular price $10
$2 face brush. regular price $7
$5 finishing brush (I don't own one and would love to get Moon shining!), regular price $10
$5 bell boots/overreach boots, regular price $10
$5 polos (set of 4), regular price $12
$5 dressage whip (now I have to figure out what to spend my greenhawk card on...), regular price $10
$10 stainless steel stirrup irons, regular price $25

$192 for $369 worth of stuff (and that's based on what it'd cost at Greenhawk). SCORE!

Now to eagerly await their arrival and go try them all on Moon! I'll take pics!

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