Sunday, January 9, 2011

I know him...but what do I know about him??

I received a response back from Moon's most recent owner this morning (she's absolutely awesome), with some more stats on my boy. It's crazy to think that he's mine, and I know less about him then most people put in a horse ad!

Okay, in all fairness, I know his heart, and I know that well. I know what makes him jump, I know how he likes his ears touched, and how to ask him to behave. I know what gets him to focus and what makes him silly and I know his big white blaze and the 'wough' of his breath. I know him, but I don't know about him.

I had, from past conversations, known that he was a Quarter horse, who was previously owned by someone in Beausejour. I knew he was over 10, my best guess was about 13 yrs. old. I knew he was trained western. That's about ALL I knew.

His past owner (we'll call her 'T') tells me that his birthday is May 9th, 1999 which means he's coming up to his 12th birthday. And he was actually 10 when we started riding. I now know that he's actually registered, and since All Breed Pedigree won't find him when I type in 'MoonSox' and since 'Moon Sox' brings me to a horse that was foaled in the 70's, I can only assume that MoonSox is not his full registered name. Which now has me beyond curious!

T is more then willing to assist me in tracking down past owners if I want to switch his registration papers over to my name, which is now a dilemna for me. Is it worth the money to switch over a horse, when it can't be bred and you have no plans on showing in any AQHA shows? The ONLY reason I might want to, is simply to have his papers with my name for posterity. Cause I love him and he's all mine.

On other notes, I went to Western Rawhide on Friday, and picked up a KY Rotary Double Jointed Egg-Butt bit for my buddy. From what I hear, this is one of the gentlest bits on the market and I'm REALLY excited to try it out! I'm hoping it will help my little western curb-bit pony start learning to really relax into the bit and be comfortable riding 'on-contact'. We'll see...

Other things to do, is to put some US money aside, as I need to pick up some dewormer in the US. Man is it ever cheaper down there! About 1/2 the price, which is stellar. I've noticed that a lot of Manitobans use a quarterly deworming program, so I thought I might give it a chance. And ROTATE through dewormers as one should.

Finally, I need a farrier! Moon's feet REALLY need a trim-up (he's flaring a fair bit), and I know the sooner we get started on our new trim schedule the better it will be. So I'm off to find a farrier!

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