Friday, January 14, 2011

Fencing it all in...

Fleet Farm is having a sale on fencing supplies right now and I decide I should use the prices listed to figure out how much money I need to save to set up fencing for my pony at home.

I thought I would start with 6 acres. about twice the minimum a horse needs in the summer time. This way he and I could stay out there, and provided I find a source of drinkable water, he would be fine out there.

My fencing would be 2 rows of high tensile aluminum electrified wire, and one row of Equitape (for visibility). All wooden posts, spaced 24' apart, with extra bracing on corners.

I've estimated I need:

2 rolls of High Tensile (already have 1/2 mi) - $25 ea. = $50
4 rolls of Equitape - $45 ea. = $180
170 cedar, treated, pointed, 7'x3" posts - $3.99 ea. = $680
510 insulators (have 1 pkg) at 25/pkg = 20 pkgs. - $2 ea. = $40
10 wire strainers - $2 ea. = $20
Post Pounder - $15
Wire Stretcher - $20
4' Gate - $70

TOTAL = $1055

Which took me completely by surprise. If $1055 covers 6 acres (the entire back pasture), then for just $600 I would be able to fence off enough area for 1 horse! And $600 is MORE then obtainable this year. Plus, with the tractor, pushing in posts will be way easier, AND we can get the supplies out back.

Now I'm just stoked. To think, that this year I could have the property horse-ready...well, minus the whole picking a billion rocks and filling in a half-million gopher holes...

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