Wednesday, January 12, 2011

EC expense.

A very old goal of mine is to progress through my Equine Canada Levels (part of the 'Learn to Ride Program'), and now that I own my own horse, thought now is the perfect time! My old coach thought I could challenge to about a level 5, which would put me 1/2 way through the program. I believe you can apply for your 'instructor test' in level 6, coach 1 in level 9 and coach 2 in level 10. At the end of the day, I'd LOVE to get my coach 1 certification.

The cost to challenge an exam is the cost of an EC certified coach's regular lesson rate (typically between $40 and $55 + gst) plus $15 to EC to cover badges and certificates.

I've read through the level requirements, and I believe I could challenge #1-4 (not including the jumping portions which we need to work on), and maybe even #5.

Unfortunately, the instructors will only test (and give lessons) somewhere with a sand arena. Which sucks, because horses are ALWAYS different when you trailer them out somewhere now I have to figure out how to make this work...what I REALLY should do, is go back to B-A...but that makes me nervous for some reason...

Oh well. I really don't have the money right now for expensive private lessons, and Moon still needs work before then. And the weather isn't even that good for much riding, especially not jumping.


What I did do, is pick up a a book on confirmation to see how Moon'er checks out and another book on introduction to showing. So I'll give those a read, and I think I'll pick up the EC manuals (they're about $25 each and there's only 4 in total) and use them as guides in my training of Moon. We might not be able to spend a lot, but we can still learn a lot. That's why I have that fancy HD video camera at my disposal!

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