Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow + Traffic = Headache.

Aurgh. A big snowstorm rolled in yesterday and lo-and-behold, the streets were covered in white powder...and a skating rink underneath. Genius me, decides that I MUST go to Greenhawk on my way home, and I wind up stuck 15 cars back at a stop sign, while a semi tries to turn left on a 4 lane divided highway during rush hour, in a snow storm, with icy roads...20 minutes later, he just decided to turn right and be done with it.

Made it to GH, picked up my new winter riding pants, and asked the girl behind the counter if I can get the difference back on my winter jacket. The "SUPER SALE" one. She says she'll have to ask her boss, and get her to give me a call. Fine. Whatever. It's not a big difference in money, but enough to make me irritated. Who has a one day sale, and then puts the item on for EVEN less 2 days later, and makes the second sale last a month?

I also wanted a Dressage whip, to start doing some more in-depth moves with Moon, particularly to get him moving his hind end more to my leg pressure...and why was I not surprised to learn that GH had no dressage whips in stock?!

"T" won't be around this weekend, which bites. We haven't seen each other in forever, and there's still a bunch of boarding and payment things we need to work out. I think we pretty much broke EVERY horse shopping rule in the book, but nothing would make me change my mind on Moon.

So, I'm off to try out my new pants tonight (will probably end up riding in the dark by the time I get out there), and spend some time with my boy. And then back at the barn tomorrow morning for his farrier appointment, which hopefully isn't cancelled because of the cold weather. I just desperately want his feet trimmed.

Fingers crossed that the snow stops and the roads clear!

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