Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Days like today...

Days like today...make me so happy to have a pony to visit. After hectic, crazy, couldn't go worse days at work, there's nothing better then the sweet smell of horse, on a warm winter's evening.I'm just counting down the hours until the meeting I'm hosting comes to a close, and I can header out of the city. Horses just make the days better.

On a positive note, I finally got a hit on my tack for sale, thanks to Kijiji. Ironically, I think it's my handmade english saddle pads that caught the person's attention, though I'm glad someone is interested. It looks like we might be able to work something out for a dressage saddle or hunt bridle, which would be awesome. I offered saddle covers and/or stall plaques as well, as I enjoy both of those projects and they are fairly easy. I really would love to get a dressage saddle for Moon, and then my AP can be jump and trail specific, but I'm sure she'll want a lot of $$ for it. Funny, to have three saddles for someone who's just gotten their first horse...

But I've run out of space to store it! I'll need another customs saddle rack made.

My thought though, is that a dressage saddle would be excellent for some entry level dressage shows. If, you know, we can actually make it to one.

I'm a little down that no one else (even from the horse forum) has shown any interest in them. Suppose there's a lot more people making them, and shipping from out of country always makes some people balk.

On a good note from work, it seems I'll be headed to Mexico at month's end; every day I get a few more confirmations, and things appear to be progressing well. Tomorrow the lead is back in the office, and I'm looking forward to getting a better idea of what I'll be doing out there. I'm hoping this is the first step, in many steps, towards new challenges at work. I know there's lots when I'm riding, but the workday just hasn't competed!

...2.5 hours till I can bugger out of here and visit my pony!

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