Friday, March 9, 2012

Passing Time.

I wish I had some exciting, thrilling or hey, even interesting to share today. I haven't. But nevertheless, I feel like posting, so I shall. Please don't expect anything riveting, or you shall be disappointed.

Largely because I had too much catching up to do yesterday to make it out to the barn, and of course, that means I don't know if Moon's feeling any better, and he also didn't get a hoof soak. It's been over a week since we've worked on anything and while we had a lesson scheduled for today, I'll have to postpone it. That's certainly a frustrating thing, to have felt like we were going to make some progress on our struggles, and then be down for awhile with mystery pain. Oye.

Add to that, the weather this weekend is supposed to be awesome (for us, at this time of year). Saturday should be 4 degrees C (conversion to 39 F for my American friends). Never mind that they're predicting temperatures to rise all week and reach 13 degrees C (55 F) by Thursday!! And no rain/snow. Maybe I can crack out my show boots to break them in for riding soon?!

Needless to say, I'm chewing at the bit and wanting to RIDE! Even if all roads, trails and ditches will be waterlogged by then!

Future BO, H, was kind enough offer me a donor pony for this weekend, and depending on how Moon's doing, I may just take her up on it. Though I continue to hope that Moon spontaneously heals, much like he spontaneously injured. : P Though we all know things never work that way with horses. Or people.

Sunday we're having a family hot-dog roast out at the farm, and I'll probably be assessing if enough of the white powder (now brown slush) has melted away for us to haul Mr. Trailer out of the bush (you know, once we put the tires back on!).

The last time we were out the truck had to crawl in 4-lo because the snow was so deep, so I suspect unless serious melting has occurred, the trailer won't come out for a few more weeks. The only advantage is that our land is very sandy and we won't have to worry much about the mud being too thick to haul out come spring.

As you can see, the new brakes (and hubs) were part of last weekend's USA parcel pick-up...(be assured that's the basement linoleum in the picture...). I'm eager to get working on it, as there's a whole box filled with my new tack hooks, saddle rack, interior lighting, reflectors and trailer ties, just waiting to go into a freshly cleaned, painted and spiffed trailer.

The future BO has been working hard cleaning and reorganizing her tack room, and in turn, Moon-pie is already getting his own space! It's less then 2 months until we move (clearly she's excited too!), and I plan to organize Moon's gear while I wait for him to heal. It's *probably* best not to haul my whole tack room over to the new place...The nice thing though, is that we'll probably make better use of a lot of our gear.

H has also been culling her supplies (they breed like rabbits, tack does), and has taken to spoiling us by putting aside any culled blue-items I may need for the new trailer! I'm certain this is all part of her evil plot to convince us to stay through the winter (see, I'm on to you ; )  ). And let's face facts, the handsome black fellow will be enjoying trips in Mr. Trailer himself as soon as she's back to riding. Plus, I'm thinking I need to convince her part-boarder to dress him up for the upcoming IRC parade in July.... ; )

THIS ^^ is my "at home" pile of gear (again, that's my basement....there's NO WAY our mainfloor would have wood paneling and brown splatter linoleum!!).

THIS ^^ is even more of it. There's also bridles and halters hanging from bookcases all over the place, there's a pile of show stuff in the upstairs office and there's a handful of sewing projects strewn around the sewing room (including my mystery project that still isn't ready for a reveal). P.S. Anyone have a one legged pony in need of a single amigo shipping boot??

Note the Schneider's boxes ; ) ...and the fact the BF has both skis, exhausts and electricians belts on my tack table! BOYS! (teehee...since my pony stuff is EVERYWHERE!).

It amazes me how quickly us horse folk acquire "stuff". When I got Moon last year, I had a small collection of gear that's rapidly exploded into a larger collection. Yet, I still don't have everything (as I discover with each new medical issue : P), and I really don't have doubles of anything but halters (and each of my halters is a different size, material or style).

In other news, I tried on my "show ensemble" last night, and won't offer you any picture than that of my boots, not on my feet (this IS our upstairs...and note the snowmobile parts RIGHT beside my show boots!). While I love them, especially since soaking them in the bath tub last year, they've gotten rather slouchy in the that normal?? The back zipper on my right also rubs my heel, so I doubt I'll be hiking many miles in them.
I am embarrassed to say that I look like a total dweeb in full show gear. TOTAL dweeb. So much that I couldn't even wander into the living room to show the BF, it was so bad. In the cream breeches, tall boots and a nice white show shirt, I look fine. Non-dweebie. But add in a jacket and I spiral downhill. MAJORLY.

Not sure yet what I'll do about this. Other then suffer the embarrassment and refuse to put up pictures.

I'll end with a quote from a blog I follow, that I really liked. Sort of made me feel a little better about how we might score at our shows this summer...And a nice reminder that since it's all my training, I do have a certain pride in the score as a reflection of how I'm doing under W's guidance...

I actually get a bit more nervous for clinics than I do for competition – clinicians evaluate my training process, judges judge the finished product.  The “finished product” includes factors the horse brought with it when they arrived in training – genetics, previous training, inherent crookedness, etc. so I feel like I am responsible for about 50% of the score.  But the training process? That’s all on me.

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  1. I like that quote. I'm much more nervous riding in front of my trainer than I am showing. I actually care what my trainer thinks!

    I went through all my gear last year, thinking that I would take some of the stuff I wasn't using to a local used tack sale. I managed to think of a reason to keep every single thing I owned! *Sigh* They say the first step is admitting you have a problem.....