Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cluelessness Continues

My pony remains sore. Not really any improvement from Wednesday under trot, and still no appearance of an abscess. The soaking boot was impossible to get on yesterday (probably because my fingers start to freeze with the water sloshing everywhere). So instead I opted to use a big bowl and have him stand in it. He's a good pony, very tolerant, standing nice for the whole thing.

His limbs all still seemed tight, clean and cool. I can only suspect (and kinda hope) an abscess is hiding out, waiting to make an appearance. At least abscesses are pretty straightforward as far as the healing process. Fingers crossed something shows up soon, as it's pretty sad to see your buddy sore, and miss out on rides together with Spring finally starting to show. And worry that it's something worse, the start of a debitating injury or disease during what's supposed to be your best summer together yet.

Boy I fret too much. Come'on abscess!

My best guess, since the suspected hoof is the one with two very clear bruises present, is that the bruises turned into abscesses...

Bruises can turn into abscesses. Bruises occur when the hoof suffers some sort of concussion either from an opposing hoof or object (rock, et cetera) hitting the hoof wall, or by stepping on something, usually stones. A bruise is basically a pocket of blood that develops when some blood vessels are broken. This pocket of blood is a wonderful growing environment for bacteria. As the hoof grows out, the bruise grows out, allowing bacteria to invade the area and develop into an abscess. Sometimes the bruising is severe enough that the body develops a strong inflammatory reaction that causes a “sterile” abscess. This is an abscess with no bacteria, rather only inflammatory cells and debris.
And now I wait and soak. And worry. And mope.


  1. I hope whatever it is, it shows it's nasty face soon so you and Moon can get back to riding! How frustrating.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog with your kind words :)
    I'm sorry your horse isn't 100%, either! It's so tough to see them in pain. And I've had my fair share of hoof soaking woes. Lucky your horse behaves himself and doesn't tip the bowl over! I hope he's feeling better soon.