Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's hard to write compelling, exciting or even uplifting blog posts when you've got a lamer in your barn. Thank-you everyone for the get well soon's, and be assured that I let Moon know you all want him better too. Unfortunately, I discovered yesterday, after receiving a half-dozen comment emails, the importance of good blog post titles.

Receiving a half dozen emails in your inbox with the header "Lame-o" is very depressing. All future downer posts will have uplifting titles so I can feel a little better when I get your comments. Hence today's: "Geronimo".

The title is based on the fact that when I was booting him last night for another soaking, I pretty much was plunged into a pool of water. He's a sweet pony but those Davies soaking boots are a TIGHT fit! Hence water all over me, up my sleeves, on my face, everywhere.

And of course, I had rushed over straight from work and was doing it all in my work clothes (I have a dressy-casual job, which meant nice jeans, nice shoes and an pretty coat). Not fun, but Moon will get looked after if I have deal with manure on my work shoes all day (and yes, I'm learning why NOT to put your feet on the desk after a trip to the barn...).

W watched me trot him out and he was still noticeably sore going to the right. Not as bad as the day before, but still clearly sore. Going left he looked nearly normal and when put back in the bad direction he was improved.

Hence, no idea what's wrong. No farrier came and apparently the little Haffie has taken to snatching a bite from everyone's feed pails as he dashes between them getting chased by Moon and Curly-Horse. So Moon didn't get any bute either.

He got another 30 minutes of soaking and I gave him a pretty running braid while I worked. Chatted dressage tests and the upcoming show season with one of the kids at the barn and then had to dash off to my IRC meeting which was an hour away.

Of course, when you're in a rush, everyone wants to stop to chat so I ended up leaving late. Dashed across the province to the IRC meeting (still arrived early). I have to admit that for an introductory meeting for a new member in a club that's trying to draw fresh blood into their executive, starting an hour late because someone is going to be late to arrive, and then running until 10:30 at night is NOT a good start.

I concede that it probably wouldn't have bothered me much normally (they really did have a lot of stuff to work through, since it's our 50th anniversary), but I'd been up early to get to work early, to get out early, to get to the barn early, to treat my pony early to make it to the meeting on-time. I hadn't even been home before heading out and was living on a McDonalds $1.39 Bacon Cheeseburger I grabbed on my drive out to the barn. It might have been nice to at least start the meeting on time (or I would have scooted up to the local Chicken Chef and got a bite to eat).

Needless to say, I'm slightly crabby this morning, getting into bed at midnight and having to be up early to head to work this morning. They assure me the next meeting will go quicker, and I sure hope so.

Not really any other exciting news. I picked up a small roll of reflective tape at the local fabric store when buying some stuff for the BF's snowmobile cover, and plan on putting it on one of Moon's blankets or making polo wraps with it, so that when we ride late in the summer we'll be noticeable by vehicles.

I'm not certain I'll be able to get out to see him tonight, which sucks. I'd REALLY like to have him sound again by Saturday, but it's probably not happening.

Add to that, there's a posting for a Dressage Schooling Show in the city that's well priced and would be great experience for Moon before the May show. Except it's the first weekend in April and there's no chance my trailer will be ready. At this moment, I just want Moon to be back in practice so we're ready together.

Now, how much longer till the work day is over??? : P


  1. Woes!! Still no idea what is wrong with poor Moon? I hate it when animals are in pain! :(

    Gotta watch out for those Haffies. . .they will eat everything in sight. Can Moon be brought in to eat, so at least you know he gets his bute?

  2. That's a bummer about Moon... I was hoping the farrier had been out and could give you an idea about what might be wrong. It sounds like he's a little better, though, yes?