Saturday, March 31, 2012

Christmas Morning.

I realise that if I'm this excited about a practice day, that I'm going to be something equivalent to a five year old on Christmas morning when it comes to "real" show days...

I'm debating bring the "quality" camera (which means lugging it around *and* making sure nothing happens to it) or a cheap pocket one I can whip out at impromptu moments. : ) I know everyone wants photos and I kinda want proof that when the pressure is on, I at least stay on : P

The weather outside is gloomy and promising to turn beautiful. I've nothing all afternoon, and dreaming of a trail ride. Yesterday I punched more holes in his bridle, spiffed it up with some oil (it's been 8 months, so kinda needed anyway) and grabbed a cooler for him because he's been damp the last couple of rainy days at the barn and yet I never seem to have it on hand. Which is genius.

I wish Moon could find that awesome little round pony he gave me the last two days, but I know that means a quality warm-up and staying relaxed myself. Which let's face it, ain't happening! I wish my pony trailer was back in action, so we could hit next week's schooling show, but such is life.

No matter how it goes, I'm proud of my boy for coming this far. I've asked a lot of a pasture puff, he's endured training at the hand of someone who's only a little more experienced in these matters then himself, and he's taken it all in stride. His physical limitations might cause us some frustrations at time, but I don't doubt mine bother him as well. But slowly and surely, we're striding forward. He's already winning in my books. : )

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