Saturday, March 31, 2012



12 hour horse-day complete.

I admit, it was awesome. But I'm now plagued by a headache and the need for a good sleep.

I have to say, that I think the day went really well. I ran a little behind on my plans to get to the barn, but it still worked out fine. Nice and muddy he was for me. Cleaned him up the best I could and then headed into the ring to warm up.

He warmed up well, barring for my own nervousness. I had pulled on my lovely new tall boots (love) and it was awesome to finally not have my boot tops (or chap tops) catch on the bottom of my saddle flaps. I've such long legs that they normally catch and it's beyond annoying. Tall boots = no problem!
He was "evil rabbit facing" a bit more then he's been in practice but I don't doubt that having me all tense and nervous up there didn't help matters.

Our first go through the test left a lot to be desired. Sharp corners, an early walk transition, a long hesitation at the arena door where he planned on heading out...then at W where he wanted a treat and then at another horse where he thought maybe he could get some action : P We also suck at centerline and were too far over on both our entry and exit.

Second time 'round, I was a bit more confident and we went better. W was pleased with his circles and I managed to keep him trotting where he wanted to lag. His entry and exit were both really good, and he transitioned pretty well when I asked him.

Biggest fault was his loose rein walk across center at a diaganol.
We were doing okay but I wasn't on a very loose rein. W called out "Let him stretch" and so I just sorta threw him away. Let go of the reins, too all leg off and suddenly we were drunkenly meandering across the ring. Oye. Straightened us out but it was too late!

All in all, I was proud of us. So proud of him. I honestly, love my Moon. I don't know if he was the best horse out there, I don't know if we had the best performance or I had the best ride. But I love riding him. And I could actually see myself LOVING to show him. Like LOVING it.

Yes, we went over what I messed up. But I knew I had messed it all up! So it's hardly hard to take! The *only* thing that's hard is the fact we'll be heavily dinged for his "evil rabbit face". And I know that. I knew that coming in. It sucks because we worked really hard to move past it, but we're not there. We might never be there. It might not be something that CAN be moved past. Sure, I could put a bandaid on it and just get him a flash noseband, strap it down tight and carry on. But I won't. I want to do this right, I want him to be comfortable. For him, it seems he needs to twist his jaw all over the place to loosen up. I've even watched him do it standing in his stall for minutes on end. Dunno.

So yes, it'll suck to watch marks come off for that, but that's okay. I still know he did his best and it's who he is.
After our mini show, I didn't want the day to end. I just love it. So I got ready to trail ride. One of the girls at the barn asked if she could join me, which I of course said "YES!" to. : ) I don't think she has a lot of people to trail ride with at the barn, and she clearly loves doing it. I think there's some history there that keeps her from riding out alone (and no kid should!) and since most of the barn horses aren't really 'trail' safe (and those that are are ridden by folks who don't head on the trails very often), so she doesn't get much opportunity.

It was a blast. She was really willing and we travelled all the trails in the back 40. We trudged through swamps, splashed through mud, and rode through forest and field. It was awesome. I could tell she was loving herself, and so were her horse, Moon and I.
We headed back since I had the boarders' meeting at 3 and I still wanted to do a bit of a photoshoot with Moon.

Moon's mane was braided in a running braid (which I think he'll sport for the show season) and he was shiny so why not!

We took a bunch of photos on the lawn and then one of the girls from the barn came out to chat. She even offered to snap a couple pics of us, which was beyond sweet of her! So I even have a few shots of us together, my sweet boy. And he looks TINY! So tiny. I'd start to worry that I must look huge on him, but I love him too much to care. Love him.
Then came the boarders' meeting which was also awesome. I'm STOKED to move to H's place!! Just stoked! The girls are all awesome (and btw, stalkers) and I'm really excited to be sooo close to the park. Plus, I found an early morning pre-work rider to join me ; )

And that's that. I'm EXHAUSTED. And SOOO happy with my pony I could burst!


  1. Yay! I am so happy for you and Moon! Great things are coming your way!!!

  2. Glad you had such a good day :) It sounds awesome.

  3. Love the braids, he looks adorable! Sounds like you had a great day.