Wednesday, March 7, 2012

As blue as I am about my sore pony, I believe he'll come around eventually. It's unlikely he has anything permanent or long term debilitating. But it still sucks.

Of course, into my inbox this morning arrives an invite to a Dressage Schooling Show. While I picked up my new trailer brakes on the weekend, my trailer isn't yet prepped for a show in the first week of April. But it looks like a GREAT opportunity to get Moon out, exposed and practice for May 1st. The more practice we have under our belt, the better off we'll be.

The show won't be very expensive ($5/class, two classes plus an afternoon of stabling), nor is it very far (just the other side of the city). T would probably let me borrow her trailer if it's registered by then and I really like the fact it's pretty low-key and low pressure. Nothing like a true sanctioned show. A good chance to stretch one's legs.

Entries aren't due until April 3rd, so I have time to ponder and get my pony back up to snuff. The question is, am I jumping the gun, or is it time to get my feet wet???

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