Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Dream.

Years ago, when I was a kid, there was a stable just outside the Perimeter highway. We would have to pass it on weekends, when my parents drove us into the city to go grocery shopping. Every time, I would stare out the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of the stable, and hopefully the horses, as it was the only one between our house and the stores. It really was, the only horses I'd get to see.

There was one horse, always in the paddock, that you could see well from the highway as we flashed past. This horse, always wore this plaid sheet. I always looked specifically for this horse, and dreamed that someday, I'd have a horse in a plaid blanket of my own.

I never really forgot about the horse in the plaid blanket, and years later while buying my own horse riding gear, I came across "The Baker Sheet". Yes, the Baker sheet. That was my plaid blanket that horse wore every time we drove by. The Baker sheet, really is a gorgeous piece of work, with the most beautiful plaid, and blue binding and straps. I love it.

So for my birthday, my sisters bought me my dream blanket. I even got to try it on my pony right there at the farm, and he looked great (minus his tubby bell!). He looked great in it, and I can't wait for summer so he can start to wear it. My plaid pony!!

This morning, the BF and I went out early in the crisp morning to meet the farrier, who is great. She trimmed up Moon'ers feet, and got them looking great. I'm so pleased with his hooves, which grow super fast and are uber strong. I'm not sure if the hoof conditioner will actually make a difference, but we'll see. Figure for as inexpensive as it is, might as well go through a container before I make any judgement calls.

After the farrier finished the trim, BF and I groomed my boy, who's shedding like CRAZY. The only thing that drives me crazy is the 'dander' or 'dust', that greying that shows up as you get the shedding hairs out. I've seen this on tons of darker colored horses, and it just makes them look dirty until the spring shed is done. Ah well. Guess it'll be over soon enough.

After breakfast at Pine Ridge Hollow, we came back with my family for a visit, and I got my Baker Sheet. At a size 76, it fits well, except for Moon'ers big hay belly. But since we plan on exercising lots this summer, including plenty of trotting poles, hopefully we'll tone that, and get the sheet fitting better. He REALLY needs to rebuild back and gut muscle, which will be the focus of this year.

Laying in the tack shed, was a clear sleeve containing MoonSox's Registration papers, along with a bill of sale. I was thrilled, since I'd searched the All Breeds Pedigree ( a couple of times, and didn't find anything.

Well, he's registered with AQHA as "RR Moons Sox", RR coming from the ranch where he was bred: Rothwell and Ron. The place is still in existance, as Rothwell Quarter Horses, or Rocking R Ranch. They're still breeding quarter horses, and have a couple of half-sisters of my MoonSox. Frostys Moon Bar and RR Moons Continental, both our of Moons Star Trek.

After reading that his sire was "Moons Star Trek", I was thrilled! I'm a big Star Trek: The Next Generation fan, namely because Picard and the fact that he rides horses. I'll even admit to have a bit of a crush there, expecially when Picard is riding holographic horses around. Shakespear and Horses are the key to my drooling. : P

Anyway, I came to learn that Moon actually comes (on both sides) from Running Quarter Horses, with some TB blood in his mix. His ancestors were actually Hall of Fame horses, won races, have records set and pulled in decent amounts of money. I'm beyond amazed, as Moon is a sweet, pudgy QH, who certainly doesn't look like he'd win any races...then again, he does love to run and with some exercise and conditioning, maybe I'll have a little sport horse on my hands...

So I've emailed Rocking R Ranch to see if they can assist me in transfering his papers. There's been no record of transfer since he was sold from them however many years ago. From what I understand, they would have sold him to someone, who knows how many times he was sold from there, and when he was 9 or 10, T bought him from folks in Beausejour. Hopefully I don't need to trace back through every owner!

Unfortunately, someone scribbled all over his registration papers in neon pink highlighter. . Maybe I can get a reprint?

As for his color, his registration papers read: Chestnut. I still think he might be a bay, but w/e. Dark brown maybe? : P

So that's that. My birthday included my dream Baker sheet, on my dream pony, who is officially known as RR Moons Sox. I'm still calling him MoonSox. My pony, my name. : )

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