Wednesday, March 23, 2011

'Cause he's my boy.

I went out for a much needed visit with my MoonSox after work today. I didn't plan on riding, but rather to give him such loving and relax and enjoy the peace of being outdoors with a close friend.

He was pretty gritty with all the shedding (he promises me spring at least), and I took the time to give him a 100% grooming, top to tail. He tried some of my new peppermint treats, and we practiced dropping our head to pressure and making sure he walked really nice on a lead line. He's such a wonderful boy.

His old owner showed up, and I was finally able to give her the cheque for Moon's purchase. I hadn't been wanting to leave it sitting in the tack shed, so carried it around all these months until today. Moon is and always will be absolutely invaluable to me, as he's my dearest riding partner and I trust him to carry me safely wherever we might travel. So when she proposed a price for my boy that was more then generous, but based on the fact that we have a partnership that is invaluable in its own right, I was floored. She really is one of the truly wonderful people, who would give you the shirt off their back. I'm taken aback everytime, and always feel incredibly lucky to called her a friend. And the fact that Moon is now my wonderful partner in crime, just makes it that much more special.

So I put Moon's new bucket out at the barn, and hope to bring his new tack box out on Friday and organize it with all of his new stuff. Maybe we can go for a much needed trail riding around the block, since we haven't been out in forever.

I'm going to plait his tail and mane for my birthday, and it's so luxurious that I'm excited. I had a look at his front hoof which showed a bit of a wind-puff the last time I was out, but it's completely vanished, so hopefully that's over. I did notice a crack developing on his right fore, which hopefully we can address when the farrier is out on Sunday. I recall Perry, the old Polo farrier doing v-notches in cracks to prevent them from splitting further. I've a feeling that this is what my Moon needs.

I'm still pleased with his hooves, despite how long I've let them grow out again. They always remain pretty solid, and hopefully this trim we can get rid of the old chips that have been hanging out. A few months from now, and his one abscess mark should be trimmed off as well. Next time I'm out, I have to remember to start brushing his hooves with the treatment.

Oh, and I didn't have a chance to try on his new fly mask. Oh well. Guess that'll be for the next time I'm out...

I really do have a lot of horse stuff though! I've got the bucket with whips and crops and brushes and treats, and a whole bin full of boots and wraps and fly stuff, plus a bridle rack covered in halters, leadropes and girths! And saddles and pads on the stands! SPOILED pony!

Can't wait to go out and visit with him again; horses are my pleasure, and he is my dream!

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