Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fleet Farm Fantasy

We went down to Fargo for my birthday this past weekend, which was absolutely awesome. It's de-wormer time, and the price down there is always 1/2 of what it is here. So I picked up a year's supply for Moon, including some Equavalan Gold and Exodus, making sure that I'll get the bots as well. We'll rotate these with Ivermectin and should be good for the season.

While I was at it, I bought a good bot knife for this year, a pair of western nylon reins for my english trail bridle (the leather is starting to go on that one, so I figure these comfy reins should be a nice replacement), and some rain-maker hoof conditioner to make sure Moon's feet stay in tip-top shape with all the riding we'll be doing.

I also checked the price of horse vaccines, which the 5-way is $23 at Fleet Farm. So now if it's cheaper then W&W, I'll just see if I can pick it up down there next year. Even their dog vaccines were quite in-expensive.

I love shopping for horse stuff, especially since I've finally got one all of my own. So I got a pair of standing wraps that were on sale, and a container of flyspray, with a neat little carabeener clip built right in. A new blue feeding bucket, and two big bags of horse treats later, and I was pretty satisfied. Oh, and a grey and red fly mask for this summer, since the one I had ordered from HorseLoverz was backordered and then not shipped. Last but not least, a new locking bin for all my gear, that has wheels and a nice long handle to drag it around. I'm really looking forward to getting it all organized for Spring! I'm thinking I'll head out to the barn tonight to groom Moon'er and then pick up my gear to fit into the new bin at home.

I also still have to try Moon's new bridle on. OH, and the bf bought me rainbow braiding elastics! So Sunday morning before Moon's farrier appointment (I'm TOTALLY behind!), I'm going to braid his mane and tail all pretty, and get him dressed up for when my family comes out to meet him.

Oh, boo-urns. I just realized I didn't get a comb to pull Moon's mane! Oh well. Guess that should wait for warmer weather anyway...

What I also bought while we were down in the States, was some pressure treated lumber to make 3 sets of jump standards, and 6 poles. I had bought 3 sets of jump cups from, plastic with the nice thick metal pins. This means that we'll have 5 standards on the property and 8 poles, which will be PERFECT for ground work and jumping actual courses. I just can't wait for everything to thaw enough for some real riding!

And being pressure treated, they'll last . Just need again, the weather to warm so I can start making them!

Oh spring, where are you?!

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