Sunday, March 6, 2011

If only Spring would come...

Spending a couple days in Mexico ruins one for Wintery Winnipeg Weather in March. Since getting back, it's all I can do to envision a great sea of melting, dreaming of the day when the grass is green and I can ride MoonSox like the wind in the spring breeze.

My HorseLoverz purchase arrive a couple weeks back (quicker then expected), and other then FedEx leaving the giant box on my front step, it arrived without issue. Oh, and the fact that the fly mask I was eagerly awaiting was backordered and then cancelled. Granted, I got my money back, but still. Now I have to find a different one for my boy.

I went out to the barn yesterday, not in a riding mood, but just looking for some horse therapy. I took Moon into one of the hay corrals, since this area is free from snoppy or snobby horses who bite my saddle or my pony.

After a good long grooming, where I noticed a long cut that looked wire induced, a couple of small sores and what looks to be some sort of leg injury. That was the only one that really worried me, though it was neither hot nor sore. Just a small semi-solid lump on his pastern that I know wasn't there previously. I'm going to keep an eye on it and hope it's benign.

I also noticed he is need of a good hoof trim, as they've grown out a lot and have a dished appearance. What I'm happy to see, is that there's no fresh splitting, and the old splits and abscesses seem to be growing out well.

I tried on all my new tack (minus the pretty new bridle which I'll save for warmer weather), and am sooo happy with HorseLoverz. The new halter is a dream to put on and off thanks to the throat snap, which is A MUST for every halter I buy now. I even like the new short lead which is more like a dog leash, as it doesn't drag as much and yet he still stands 'tied' when it's just hanging down to the ground (but not so long he's at risk of stepping on it).

I bought a set of ridiculously cheap front brushing boots, which are of waxed leather and neoprene and worth about $70 new. I'm kicking myself for not buying the matching rears, as these 'smalls' are PERFECT for him. Oh well, it's more important to have fronts anyway.

I bought a pair of cheaper neoprene 'Full' size rear knock boots, and think they might actually be a bit large. The neoprene overlaps and they just look...bulky.

The bell boots are a perfect fit which is awesome, and I tried on the fly sheet as well. Was a little dissapointed in the rust stains from the buckles, but quickly got over that when one of the brats in the next pasture reached over the fence and mouthed the don't really notice rust on blanket spotted in manure mouth marks.

The blanket was pretty much a perfect fit, with the front buckle and surcingle let out fully. That's a little unfortunate, but hopefully Mr. Moon looses a bit of weight this year and it has room to go down. I think I'll probably by a 76" from now on, just to be safe. We'll see how it is once he's running around in it. The fabric quality and style are both wonderful though. And I think he'll enjoy being bug free. : )

So, shopping trip was a success, and I even got to see how much he enjoyed his new face curry. Man, he loved that.

And feeling the trip should be more then just playing dress-up, we spent some time working on releasing to poll pressure, which he did amazing at. He really picked up on it quick, and was dropping his head fully to the ground after only a couple of minutes.

I also worked a bit on leading with him, and when not distracted by the other horses, he exhibited a beautiful halt and back from a loose lead line. I'm starting to think he's had more training in his past then I realized.

Now to book the farrier for next weekend and hope that the weather warms up...though that just means wet fields and ditches, which aren't any more conducive to riding then what we have now.

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