Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birthday Spoils and AQHA Ride Program

Two things. Firstly, Moon's old owner emailed me last night, and further dropped his price. Why? Because we're perfect for each other, and this is now the awesomest birthday/christmas present ever. T and M are all just wonderful. My boy is worth a million dollars to me, and so regardless of how much we winded up paying for him at the end of the day, he was destined to be worth more then we paid. Still, the extra pocket change will go towards spoiling him, and I've already figured out what it will be on...

The American Quarter Horse Association. I printed out the transfer papers this morning, and hope that it will be easy to get them switched over. The cost is $15, which is no big deal. Now, that's after I buy an AQHA membership, which is standard at $55...

Except, I noticed their AQHA Ride Program. It's awesome. You essentially track your riding hours each year, submit your log and then they accumulate. As you reach levels, you receive rewards, such as bumper stickers, badges, AQHA shirts...and eventually, silver concho's, gift certificates to western stores, and even a beautiful silver belt buckle with your hours recorded on it!!

And to sign up for the program, it's only $115, which includes a 3 year membership with AQHA plus a lifetime enrolment with the Riding Program. Sounds perfect to me! That means that whenever we're out riding, I'm logging hours towards awesome stuff on my quarter horse!

This is the best 26th Champagne birthday ever!

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