Thursday, August 9, 2012

Still here.

I've been MIA.

Now for Pony-News:

Maybe 2 weeks ago, I went for my first ride on Moon since his leg injury. He was still a little head-bobbing at a trot, so after a couple of laps of a friends outdoor ring, we called it a day.

Yesterday after haying was the first time in awhile I was able to visit him again. Yes, visit. His cut leg was improved but still thicker than normal and a little warm to touch.

I wanted to see how he moved out, since it's been awhile and we all know the healing process overall can take awhile. So I grabbed my clip-on roper reins, snapped them to his bridle in the paddock and vaulted onto his back.

He trotted off nicely, maybe a little stiff through the neck and oppositionary. Then I asked for canter.

Well, in the good news, his transition was timely.

In bad news...he seems to have taken a bit to putting his head down and bucking lightly after a few canter steps.

Not sure if this is because of all the time off, or a different problem. Seems only when he's bareback thus far...

Thankfully, even bareback, I stick to the bugger like glue.


We did more canter transitions (with more attempts to get his head down), more trotting, and then I brought him in for a much needed grooming and his supper.

It was short, sweet and I really do miss him. I'm set for a trail ride with a friend on Friday (soooo excited!), and then will give the gymkhana a try on Saturday. Might keep it to a walk-trot, or just show up and watch. We'll play it by ear.

In other news, I'm crazy busy, seem too short on time and am really excited that I should have TONS of pony time this Fall/Winter.  :  )  So I suppose all the busy-ness will be worth it in the end. : )  Just 48 hours until I ride again!

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  1. Did you check his sore leg for swelling after you rode? Moe got a really bad scrape on the tender skin on the inside of his leg near his gaskin, and his hock swelled up over night. He was never lame, and after I rode, the swelling went down significantly. Getting them moving and some circulation in their legs helps flush out all the white blood cells and fluid that accumulate near the site. That's what I've noticed with leg wounds anyway. I'm sure you know all this already :)