Tuesday, August 21, 2012


So I've been a blogging delinquent. It's a fact.

But again, that's a tale for another day.

Instead, let us get back to our world of ponies...

You see, I haven't been riding much. Not nearly much at all.

Moon's hind leg that suffered the large gash has been healing nicely without any outside support and while it's still a little on the thick side, I took the advice given and started working him anyway. The hope being that this will help get things flowing again and break up some of the leftover "damage".

Most of my time at the barn lately has either been haying (getting some real pipes now) or trail riding with a new leasee. It's been a blast and I really do enjoying showing a friend the trails and just hacking out. Unfortunately, it's gotten dark on us more than once before we got home, and I'm seriously considering sewing up some reflective leg wraps for the ponies. Especially since there was gun shots in the background the last time...

Anyway, I hadn't really gotten Moon back into "working", as these trail rides are enjoyable walk trips (with lots of yapping) and the occasional bout of trot.

So Sunday morning H had invited me out for an invigorating "fast" ride. As a mother of 2 with a little one under a couple months old, speed is imperative. And she's a little nutty that way...

We met up with her neighbour (who's equally nutty), and hit the trails. It started out at a subdued pace, but before long we were in the park and shifting gears. The mount that joined us was an ex-race horse, and a successful one at that...


We ran. We ran and ran and ran. Right through that park, down the trails, the mud spraying up behind us off our horses' hooves.

It was bliss.

I appreciate my demur trail rides with friends, yapping and watching the scenery slowly pass us by. But I will NEVER, EVER, be able to let go of having incredible rides like that.

We raced along, and it was just awesome. There were moments where I actually just started laughing aloud. No reason at all, just pure unadulterated bliss. Those times when you're suddenly so happy, so overjoyed that you can't help but giggle for the joy of giggling. That was those moments.

So I laughed as we went, Moon's hooves pounding on the ground, the wind whipping past us, and every thought in my mind, temporarily erased.

At one point, there was a little log across the trail. Okay, jumper folks out there would scoff and call it "nothing". A "twig" at best. But to me, it was substantial enough. Moon actually had to give a little "lift" over it, and he went at it at a canter! Yup, saw it, shifted gears and sprung over, racing onward from the other side.

I laughed even louder, my heart swelling.

I think he LOVES this x-country stuff. I seriously think he'll love it. Now if only we'd get a big wind-storm to knock some bigger trees over...

Our ride finally took us back out of the park, and we pointed our horses away from home and asked for a canter along the wide green space beside the highway. I gave Moon his rein to gallop, and he stretched out, almost happy for the opportunity. It clearly had been too long.

Well, his shift to gallop excited the ex-race horse in the bunch, who's owner let him go. They whipped by us, and Mr. Moon always enjoying a race, shifted a gear higher and charged along behind them. The  Black followed up just off to our left, and the three of us charged along the ditch, in pure heaven. Horse and human.

Finally we reached a driveway and had to ask for the horses to slow. When I pulled up Mr. Moon he gave me one low and obstinate "buck", that didn't really get any height but jarred the crap out of my back. Ow.

And then pulled up nicely in his little double-jointed egg-butt bit. Yes, he's a softy.

Then we walked home.

Wonder when we'll be out to do it again?!


  1. so i guess i'm not out of line when i tell you i had tears of joy whilst riding the black then am i ;)

  2. You're so lucky to have easy access to the Park. I'm tres jealous.