Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Not For Sale.

You've probably noticed a lot of "Not for Sale" ads going around the blogging world today, thanks to some recent thought inspiring posts.

I couldn't help but think about Mr. Moon. He didn't have a sale ad when I bought him (he technically wasn't for sale), but I can only imagine his "Not for Sale" ad...


1999 AQHA Gelding - RR Moons Sox out of Moons Star Trek (Speed Index 81) of the AQHA Hall of Famer Top Moon (Speed Index 100). Half-Brother of World Champion Barrel Racing Qualifier RR Moons Rusty Bar. Pretty "well-loved-mahogany" chestnut of a debatable bay-liver coloring, with large blaze and soft eyes. Looks best in blue.

Standing 14.3hh on a hill, this boy will take you where you want to go, however you want to get there. Has been in dressage training for the last year and is currently showing Walk-Trot, schooling Training and First level. Moves best laterally, requires proper suppling to maximize his movement. Must be patient rider with soft, quiet hands.

"Willing" is the best descriptor of this horse. He'll never take you Prix St. George, but today you could show him training level, tomorrow you could hack him out through the valley, and the day after you could try your hand at trail class, costume class or a little x-rail. Great indoors and out, never herd-bound, trail rides alone or in a group, loves a good gallop but is patient walking the trails. Traverses any terrain: wood bridges, rocky paths, edges of highways, trot poles, ditches, forests, fields, busy streets in town. Have led my dog from his back, stood on him, frequently ridden bareback, dressed in a giant cardboard car costume at a busy show, mounted and ridden bareback and bridle-less in the paddock.
Has gone English, Western, Aussie, Bitless, Bridle-Less, Bareback, you dream it, he'll try it. 

Stands awesome for the farrier, fly spray, blankets, loads in everything but my tiny 2-horse trailer (we'll get there!), tolerates mane pulling, leg wrapping or any other crazy antics you can imagine. Ability to lunge is questionable, round pens, and basically refuses to canter under lead. Leads like a dream, recently won 2nd place in a Bribe Your Horse at Liberty pattern, he's a dream to handle on the ground. Ties (cross or d-ring), halters, always walks away from you when you go to catch him, hates being bathed.

Rarely spooks, never unseats rider, is a freeze-and-stare instead of a buck-and-bolt. Typically the lower man in the paddock, has a tendency to remove bridles, fly masks...known to roll under saddle.

"Tidy" horse in a stall (hardly any mess, doesn't crib, doesn't wind suck). Only stereotypie is an incessant need to gape his mouth when stressed, annoyed, bored, hungry, sleepy, happy, excited, sad, upset, hurt, angry, irritated...

Lovely walk, inverted trot, non-existent canter, this boy has all the gaits. Favorite is the gallop, an absolute dream, and having been clocked at 35 mph, he's got speed in his blood. Willingly chases a quad, loves a good trail ride. Have toyed around barrels but his owner is clueless. Has been ridden in a dark arena, over bridges on a busy highway, and been followed through town on a pair of lawnmowers.

He's all champion, 100% diverse, and perfectly trust worthy. Everything you could need and want in a horse.


In other news, I mistakenly checked out Rocking R Ranch's 2012 foals for any of Moon's ancestors...

This cutie is for sale and has the most impressive face markings...AND is Moon's cousin...


  1. We will also have to imagine it cuz its impossible to read ;)

  2. These NOT FOR SALE ads are so funny!

    That is one cute baby! I love the face markings. You would never mix your horse up with the other "boring bay" out in the field lol.

  3. I have NEVER seen face markings like that! How cool!