Sunday, May 27, 2012

Counting Down.

As another weekend passes us by, I find myself only a few days away from our next show. :O Yes, open-mouth-face, it is certainly approaching awfully fast.

The ker music has been received and just needs to be downloaded and burned to a CD. And ridden through! 

I haven't jumped anything since our clinic, I haven't practiced any trail class moves, and to be honest, I don't think I've ridden since my lesson last Wednesday! Oh boy.

Saturday, the only sunny day of the weekend was otherwise occupied, which meant today was my only riding day. And it rained nearly all day. I did manage to finish putting more resin on the horse-trailer roof on Friday, and it was dry by the end of Saturday. So in a brief one hour this afternoon when the rain stopped, I went outside Dremel in hand and smoothed it all out. And finished JUST as the rain started falling again. Why oh, why?

Needless to say, I'll be left hoping for a sunny day (tomorrow?? Please?!) for putting that SINGLE coat of paint on it that is required before I hoist the roof back atop the trailer and rivet the whole thing down. Sadly, I doubt (okay, I know) it won't be ready by this weekend's show.

The order-of-go for next weekend's show is supposed to be posted Tuesday at the latest, and I'm reminding myself to wait until then at least before scratching from any classes. Who knows, maybe they'll space them out well enough that I won't feel overwhelmed by doing so many.

I remain clueless in regards to a possible costume, should I have the time to compete in that class. It's hard. I want something cool but simple, cheap yet impressive. So that means I have no idea.

I picked up a handful of flaxseed to see about feeding to Moon, though I'm amazed by the requirements in order to use it as a feedstuff. Soaking and boiling...boy, that's the reason why I never bake with Legumes! Too much work! : O  Just looking for something with a little oil in it to help give him some shine.

I have a lot of packing and prep to do still, need to finish mane pulling, maybe finally clip him (we all know that won't come to fruition), some repairs on my show coat, shine my boots, and yes, still haven't washed those white breeches. I so don't want to see that they're permanently stained : P

I did notice that my wintec saddle is showing a lot of signs of wear. It's only been 8 months, yet it seems to have aged dramatically. The panels are showing rubs, the seat is getting a shiny finish, and it just is starting to look very well loved. I'm not sure if this means I've done a lot of riding in it since I bought it, or if I'm some sort of octopus in the saddle, slip sliding everywhere and causing premature wear...


Tomorrow. Tomorrow I get those breeches washed, I hope for at least no rain (if I can't have sunshine), and I get a ride on my boy. Progress!

And I keep telling myself that it's all for fun. It's all for fun...

Now, costume ideas anyone??! Gonna see if I can hunt down any of my children's costumes in the basement...hmmm....did I move with those???

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  1. Flax does need a lot of prep to use it as a feed supplement. However, I have had success with ground flax, I mixed it with apple sauce so that my mare would eat it. The issue with flax is that the seed needs to be cracked to get any nutritional value. Hence why ground flax is good. I would buy it at Bulk Barn, enough for a week or two so that it wouldn't go rancid before I used it.

    For my old boy (18 years) I use a supplement called Total Joint Complex made by TechMix ( I have been really happy with it. If you send me an email I can give you the contact info for the woman I get it from - who will be at your next show I suspect - if you want more info.