Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just a second!

Things are busy with just 1 week to our official start to our first show season! There's so much to prep and get ready, and then of course, there's always more to do!

I'm loving having control of Moon's diet and even more getting to go out and feed everyone, check them over and feel like more then just a rider. I really appreciate the time I spent up in the hay, throwing bales down and watching the hungry faces stare in at me...even if I do still manage to get hay down my bra...

This post will be short, as I'm scarfing down some lunch before heading back outside. The costume is cut and being painted...but I ran out of paint for the other side! I still have to make bracing for it and add the details, but that can wait for a rain tomorrow!

Tonight we're headed to the IRC social, which means lots of raffles filled with pony stuff and a relaxing evening spent with some newfound friends out there. And a little dancing : )

Of course, we're headed out early to help, and after my current project, I need a good shower before we leave!

Why? Because I'm pulling the floorboards out of the trailer (1/2 finished), I've got the tack room flooring out, and the feeder bottoms as well. I still need to drill out the old rivets and pressure wash the entire thing.

Can't this wait??


Because we got permission to borrow a painting booth!!! : ) Yippee! So my painting costs will be cut know, to just $500! : P Plus all the sandblasting. Since we need to get the trailer into the booth asap, I need to get it sandblasted asap. And THAT means all the flooring out so they can access the frame as well! : O  Yup, and since next weekend is out, it's gotta head over to the sandblasters the Monday after the show weekend. And we all know showweekend is already too busy to do anything else. Add in rain-days, and today's THE day it's getting done!
Yesterday I had my best "dressage" ride at the new place since moving Moon and he's settled in well. He's now bossing the mare off his hay bales and him and the Black are happy just coexisting.

I was spoiled with the BO coming over and providing an extra eye on the ground to help us with some of our struggles. I believe I've now coined the term "Giraffe being ridden by a pingpong ball" : P Pretty well describes us going bareback around the ring!! : )

Needless, we got some good pointers and reassurance that it didn't look as bad as it felt! We did a little cantering, he's back to speeding through the right lead and went pokie on the left : P I actually had to kick him up into it when he seemed to not want to go towards the end, instead of just not understanding. Little bugger. But we got it, ended on the wrong lead and called that a day : P He was starting to get his head back out of the sky and hopefully things will keep improving. We've got just 5 more practices left...

And one of those is already taken...


W is coming out to coach us at our new place! And 3 other gals! : ) Fabulous. She's going to make us into one talented barn!

Much more details on all of that to come, but I'd best get back outside before it's showering time! I promise, crazy pictures of my horse covered in cardboard are on their way...

: )

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  1. Yay for the trailer!

    I can attest to hay everywhere! It can get in places that seem unimaginable! But I do love feeding the horses, my favorite part of working at the barn.