Wednesday, May 30, 2012





And both REALLY had fun! I mean, FUN!

Like the type of fun where you WANT to do it again! And raise the jumps! And got over you assurance that you're gonna die doing it.


I know, I'm still wired about it. It wasn't even anything high. The pins were in the 18" hole, so may 19" high x-rail and a vertical. Nothing fancy. Nothing tall. Nothing serious.

But FUN!!

Why hadn't jumping felt like THIS since I got Moon?!

And Moon actually jumped! In a fun, not going to freak out or kill us both sort of way. Granted, sometimes he just walked up to the jump and was like "Dream on woman", but the other times, we JUMPED!!!

Yes, yes. From a trot. Yes, yes, it wasn't even a course or gymnastic. But we JUMPED!! AND HAD FUN!!!

Do you think if I type it enough, I'll calm down??!

I'm tired, didn't get in any dressage practice, haven't bothered to upload the pictures for you yet (none of jumps or jumping, but I DID learn something REALLY cool tonight!), still don't know the Pas a Deux for tomorrow and am in the midst of one of these potentially life-altering (in a great way) career moments where I'm waiting for the dust to settle on a potential opportunity. To fresh and new to possibly be anything, but in my industry, you gotta get a jump on anything even if it turns into nothing. So it's long discussions, it's trying to keep 1/2 my mind on the show weekend, finally getting the needed supplies, and still trying to get the horse trailer finished. So while I should be exhausted and done, I'm just like...


Details tomorrow.


  1. You are totally on a jumping high!;)

    Glad you had a blast!!!

  2. Yay! That is so awesome!!

    Isn't it the best feeling ever?!

  3. Wait, so, just to clarify...
    You jumped?

  4. I'm glad you had so much fun!! I just can't get into jumping, so I'll live vicariously through you and Moon! :)

  5. You and Moon seriously have the cutest relationship ever. The PERFECT fit! :)