Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oh Daylight.

Ah yes.
That's some snow there Harry!

We're all talking about it...

Daylight Saving's Time. Up here in Canada, we only swapped over to the USA's date for DST a couple years back. We used to change our clocks forward in April, just as Mexico still does. But we figured we liked America better, so we took their early March date. Which works great for me.

I can already feel that spring is on the way, despite -40 weather this morning, huge drifts and crazy windchill. Right, because that makes sense for the end of February, when the day previous it was almost above freezing.

Who the heck knows around here.

Regardless, Sunday I got an awesome fun little ride in with H, we restacked the hay in the loft and just sat there on bales with hot chocolate and chatted for awhile. Sometimes that's just what you need in life, to make all the worry and the troubles fade away.

I'm even more spoiled as I'll be house sitting for my parents this week, which means three solid days with my most favourite dog ever. Yes, me and sweet Halo will be out playing at the barn and having some fun. I also got to go snowmobiling on Saturday and spent the evening cuddling with her. I miss my puppy.

Love her big brown eyes!

Which shouldn't be for too much longer. It appears my house plans are ready to hit the engineer with just a couple of last minute edits on my part. I'm EXCITED! Then I just need the bank to be equally excited ; )

So we're getting close to more daylight in the evenings, which means more time to ride!

I also head off to Ottawa, capital of my great country in two weeks which I'm excited about. Love it there and it is always a blast to spend time in my favourite city in this country.

I'm also celebrating 6 months with my man at the start of March, another milestone. And let me tell you, as soon as the weather warms, I will be asking him to join me at the barn for some riding. We'll see how he takes to it ; )

So for me, winter carries on as short canters in the fields, a trot about the pasture with my feet dragging in the snow, and hauling hay nets around from the back of Moon. For him and I, it's a good life, and we're happy. Who knows what craziness we'll be up to next year ; )

Blizzard Time!

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  1. I'm ready for DST and warm, sunny days too! While I haven't had to experience -40 temps, we've been having rain like crazy and I can't get into the arena. Bring on summer! (or at least spring!)