Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Little Healthy Competition

It's Valentine's Day.

My desk calendar has it right...yes, that's a pic of Moonpie and Me behind it!

I'm feeling like a complete sap today. Probably, because as most of you know, I dealt with a difficult break-up last year and awoke today feeling more appreciated, special and loved then I have in a long time.

And then on my windshield, was the most romantic Valentine's gift I've ever received...

A beautiful valentine card that perfectly captured my beau and I, a CD with my favourite song (that I only mentioned once and isn't mainstream) and a chocolate rose.

: )

I've always wanted romance on Valentine's Day. It's a beautiful day to tell people you love, how special they are to. Yes, yes, it's become a commercialized holiday for sure. But for some of us, it's not. The gesture was what made this gift so special. My man drove across the city sometime in the night (since I saw my car shortly before heading to bed at 11 pm...) to leave it there. The handwritten message in the card was beyond sweet. Tonight, it's a beautiful hand cooked dinner, my very favourite thing about him.

But let's be honest. No matter how magical my man is, no matter how special dinner is, if there's roses and chocolate and beautiful love notes... heart is already stolen by this beautiful beast:
Love of My Life, Mr. Moonpie
But hey, he can try to compete, right? ; )


  1. A lot of people seem to hate Valentine's Day, especially around my place of employment. I agree with you, though... it's a great excuse to let the ones you love know just how much they mean to you.

    My hubby made a giant heart out of my favorite Hersheys Kisses on the kitchen island. It hardly cost him anything, but the gesture is priceless. :)

  2. I wanted a birdfeeder - really that is what I wanted! My sweet husband got me the cutest bird feeder and filled it with Dove chocolates :)