Monday, February 11, 2013

Dream Pony.

Somedays, I have to remind myself of what Moon was like when I bought him. I do. He was *always* a sweet horse with a big heart. But he sure seemed untrained, tense, nervous and stubborn. Today? He's...well, trained, jumpy and stubborn. ; )

Him and I have, in our three years together, developed an incredible bond that somedays I struggle to believe is real. I may love horses, but I'm no horse trainer. I also started riding at 17, took lessons sparingly and interspersed during the years that followed and by some luck managed to spend almost a year in weekly lessons with Coach W and Mr. Moon.

Somehow, all of that has amounted to an incredible horse.

Moon thinks I'm being a sap ; )
On Saturday, the weather here was as nice as it had been. The wind was a bit chill, but Moon and I headed out on the trails together. He slogged through some deep ditches and along the side of the road, as we headed in the opposite direction of some hydro (electrical) work that was being done on the opposite mile of the road. When we got 1/2 way down the road, the hydro trucks packed up and proceeded to drive down to the end of the road we were headed towards.

Oh joy.

These are big trucks. Noisy trucks. Clanking and clanging their way along, big diesel engines towing rattling trailers with giant rolls of wire bouncing along behind them.

And they passed us, one after another on that gravel road.

Moonpie didn't care.

He gave one look to a chained dog that barked at us, and one look to a flapping real estate sign. That was all. Two looks.

Then those hydro fellows set up their big boom truck on the end of the road, and as Moon and I walked by, a foot from their bright orange road sign and 4' from their big boom truck, they lifted two fellows up into the air, hollering and yelling and being noisy fellows.

And Moon carried on by, as though they weren't actually there. My heart was actually beating a little fast. I love my boy, I trust him dearly. But this was a *very* noisy and busy scenario, the roads were icy and I was actually concerned he'd give a half-shy and slip on the ice, taking us both down in a mess.

But of course, he didn't.

So we crossed the road, and he stood like a doll while I took a photo of what we'd just passed. So proud of him.

We rode *right* between that boom truck and the little orange sign...So proud!

Then I turned to the length of shallow snow covering the small bank we gallop down in the summer time. Hmm...just a little canter could't hurt...

So off we went, cantering the length of the bank, through big snow drifts.

Did I mention Moon wore no saddle and no bridle and no bit?? Just a halter and a pair of rainbow gaming reins, clipped to the cross-tie anchors of his halter.

So bareback and bridle-less we cantered down that path and I was in my glory. So was Moon. I can tell.

Just that halter and those clip-on reins. : ) (and yes, that was a really bad way to tie him! Pony clubbers cringe!)

I couldn't help myself. I dropped my reins to his neck and threw my arms out wide.

And we cantered a good 20 paces like that. I felt...incredible.

Giggling, I sat back and we slowed to a trot and then a walk. I offered Moon some sugar cubes but he refused. Strange boy, I think he doesn't snack when he's having fun "working".

We turned to head back to the hydro fellows and home. I could *tell* Moon still wanted to run. It wasn't out of either of our systems. Yes, we'd break a sweat and have to cool down later...but...we just needed it!

So I let him go.

And go he did. It didn't take more than three strides before he let loose that amazing gallop I haven't felt since winter came upon us. The air whipped my face, tears streamed from my eyes, freezing on my cheeks which were scrunched up in a smile. Bareback, bridle-less, galloping my horse down the side of the road. Towards a boom truck.

He is *heaven*.

Again, we slowed perfectly at the end of the run, and walked right past that boom truck again. Further up the road, they were setting up another such truck, the hydro fellows throwing down chunks of wood (so they made big "boom" noises when they hit the ground) and using their hydraulics to lower the stabilizing feet *right* when we walked by.

Gorgeous, even after a roll.

Those stabilizing feet were the only thing Moon gave attention to, turning his head and snorting his dislike. The hydro guy lifted a hand in apology and we carried on, Moon walking as though the scene was already behind us.

Back at the barn, he was sweaty and happy. I was much the same.

My boy. I love him to bits, and I honestly wasn't sure there was *anything* that could prove how much I've come to trust him, and how much he has come to trust me.

Until the next day.

Moon and his buddies, enjoying supper. 


Sunday came. The weather was even nicer.

Out I went, figuring we'd just ride around the field a bit. I was sore. That was a lot of riding for someone who's barely been in the saddle this winter.

I hopped on Moon over by the 'garage' as he ate his grain, and then headed to the pasture to scope out the location of the hay nets. I found the first one, empty.

Ugh. It would be so far to walk through the deep snow to grab it.

...I wonder if...

So I rode Moon right up to it, hung off his side (bareback and in just that bridle and clip-on reins) and reached down and grabbed the empty hay net (which is actually a hockey net tied closed).

One of the hay nets, refilled. Moon found a hole to sneak extra hay through ; )

He didn't batt an eye.

So I let it drag behind us as we rode back to the hay shed.

Nothing. I dragged it over his back and tossed it on the ground on the other side of him. Nothing.

Asked him for a turn on the fore, and then we went in search of the next net.

This one was a little more full. Again, hung off his side, reached down and grabbed it. Dragged it back to the hayshed, dropped it, and carried on to grab the last one.

This one was in shallow snow, so I had to practically hang from Moon's side. No issue. And I let this net trail right along his body, wondering if it would freak him at all.


Back at the hayshed, I laden him with sugar cubes and praise, dismounted and filled those hay nets. Giddy I had saved myself the trouble of having to lug them back myself. This horse, rocks.

Oh, and then we went cantering and trotting about the deep field, dropping the reins and just having fun. Because he's the perfect dope for me, and I love him to bits. Wish, wish I have enough time this summer to do a little gaming on him and grow him even further into the amazing horse his potential suggests.

<3 Mr. Moon
My most beautiful boy! : )


  1. Man, if my horse went by the scene you pictured it wouldn't have gone nearly as well. Good boy Moon!

  2. He's a true all-around horse. And IMO, that'se a very rare quality these days :)

  3. This post gave me the warm fuzzies...thanks! :)