Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Imagine That.

I have to say, I love when non-horse folks write about horse stuff...

Our National Television Station wrote an article on Eric Lamaze's choice for the 2012 Olympic games, following the unfortunate loss of Hickstead.

The article states:

The reigning gold medallist in Olympic show jumping has decided on Derly Chin de Muze as his mount for the 2012 London Games. While the nine-year-old Belgian mare is a promising horse, she's not in Hickstead's league.

Now, horse folk, like me, read: "Belgian Mare" and think, Belgian horse. Belgian Draft Horse. THE Belgian. 

...and suddenly there's a mental picture of Eric Lamaze doing an Olympic jumping course on a Belgian. 

: O


Next time, Belgian Warmblood would be a more appropriate definition. Though the imagery is less amusing...

: )


  1. Hickstead was a beat...*tears*

    LOL that's quite the mental image;)

  2. I have the same mental image when someone says Belgian mare :-)

    For whatever reason that I'm still not sure of I watched Hickstead's final ride...i'm still tramatized...

  3. Hahaha! This had me cracking up! Could you imagine a Belgian Draft show jumping in the Olympics? Now THAT would be a sight!!

  4. Have you ever been to Klein and Stacy's site The Jumping Percheron?

    Obviously not Olympic caliber but this draft mare is super conditioned and very very competitive in eventing. They put the stereotypes about draft horses to rest. :)

  5. There is NOTHING impossible about a Belgian mare cross making the Olympics. NOTHING!

    mom of an awesome BMC and Olympic dreamer