Sunday, July 22, 2012

Crack of Dawn.

It's late, I'm tired, but for some reason, I just HAVE to blow through this post. Otherwise, I don't think I'll manage to sleep, instead mulling over the last couple of days.

Really, nothing significant, but rather, just busy.

Mr. Moon is healing, but the scab is big, his swelling has come WAY down, he's clearly lame at trot, and we're not riding. Between H and I, we've got him iced, poulticed and dermagel'd, so it's just a matter of time. As we've been working on getting the right hind back to normal, I noticed his left hind had a little red spot right at the coronet. I figured I was being paranoid, as I noticed it the same day he skinned his leg, and paranoia is pretty much my middle name. And last name. And probably my first and christian names too...probably my mom's name if I think about it...

Where was I going? Right. Red spot.

Called it paranoia and carried on. By Friday (?) or Saturday, I pointed it out to H, telling her that I'm fairly certain I've become a hypochondriac, but for my horse, and that he's gonna blow an abscess out his coronary. You know, because if you're already out one leg, why not make it two? That's why they have four, isn't it?

By this point, he had a little cracking on the hoof right at the coronary, it was appearing to be bulging out, and it was squishy where the rest of the coronary wasn't. And red.


Well, H saw it too. And we both clearly can't be paranoid. That or I'm rubbing off on her. My horse is a horse-a-chondriac.

Tomorrow, I'll try some home remedies on it and see if I can get it to blow. Which blows (ha), because he's FINALLY got beautiful hooves, they've not splitting from all the dryness and stamping, and we managed to trim out the last ugly abscess. Surprise, new one that'll take a good year to grow out. Friggen. Probably from trotting on those confounded stones up the road I bet you. Pardon me while I beat my head on the desk for a moment...

Right. So icing and treating and not riding.

What else can a girl do?

She can work on the pony trailer.

Up at the crack of dawn, house sitting so getting everyone here fed and walked, and then over to my own place. Saturday my dad came over, and we got the entire pony trailer wired! Yippee! Took me numerous trips to the store, and I cheaped out and used the wire I had instead of buying more, so there's no proper color coding. W/e. What's important, is everything lights up the way it's supposed to. The electric brakes are installed, the break-away kit is installed, the tail lamps, licence plate lamp, marker lights, everything.

Took ALL day, in the hot sun. Discovered why these brazilian cut jeans (you know the ones...where you can't sit down without exposing yourself...which in hindsight is genius when crawling around under a trailer : P ) ...well, I managed to tan JUST a patch on my back. Just a patch. The rest, paste-y white. Looks like I forgot to scrub in the shower. Nice. Classy.

So post wiring, back to the house, walk some dogs, back to the horses, feed, ice, back to house for some rest.

Morning? Rush home to try to caulk before it heats up too much. This RV caulking is uber flexible, however it sets up REALLY fast in the heat. Like too fast to smooth out. So of course, I can't find the caulking gun. : P Thankfully, Gramps saved the day and there was one in his old tool box! : ) Thanks gramps!

It's my first time caulking. Yup. Crazy. Always watched, never done it. Looking NICE if I can brag a little bit. Except, nature hates me (clearly) and it starts to rain.

OYE. Rain drops totally mess up the caulk, so I'm running around to cover the caulk which isn't dry. Grab a tarp, turns out it's really dirty and deposit copious amounts of dirt and grass onto the caulk. Beat head on fender.

Rain lets up, I caulk for another 30 minutes until it gets too hot and sets up on me. DANG. Nearly done, but not quite.

Moving on. I work on my interior light and Gerry-rigged switch. End up ripping the nozzle right off the crazy glue trying to open it. After a LOT of hard work and ingenuity, realize I missed considering one thing and now the light is slightly off center. ARUGH!

In the end, need more rivets. Everything depends on rivets. Rivet store doesn't open until 7 am tomorrow. Guess where I'm headed?

I do manage to drill some holes and tighten all the lugs on the new brakes. Then I buff the old hub caps really nice, and since the insides are rusting, I paint them. Then I decide, since I'm buffed chrome and some patches have rusted, to paint the rust spots with silver paint.

...then I decide to customize my trailer, just a little. THAT will be a surprise for when I remember to bring my camera card home and can actually take a picture of it. New reflectors too.

One heck of a nice trailer. REALLY nice looking trailer. Hope like heck to get that diamond plate on tomorrow and call the whole thing done. Would make my day.

But I'd best get my butt in bed. I got rivets to buy at the crack of dawn!!

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  1. It's okay, you and I can be hypochondriacs for our horses together! (See my post from a few minutes ago..) I was asking my best friend a million questions over Orion's cut, worrying should I do this, should I do that, is it going to get infected, blah blah... And chances are, it's probably going to be fine. But you know I'm going to be checking it every ten minutes when I'm out there and asking every horse person's opinion. Haha. So basically, I know how you feel..though Moon's leg takes the cake over Orion's. Hope he gets to feeling better soon!