Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Grasping at Straws.

I've often debated with my BF which one of us was more stubborn. He's always believed that he is, as he's one of these outwardly stubborn, refusing people you can't boss around. But I've always mused, that I'm perhaps more stubborn. But in a silent, focused, bide-my-time sort of way.

The car.

The confounded car.

Bested us on the weekend.

And I still refuse to call it quits.

I called a local mechanic and asked if they see the problem a lot. And then asked how much to unseize the axle. $80 he says.


Of course, I ask the chance it's completely stuck in there and won't possibly come out. He laughs, tells me it's very, very rare (unless apparently you own an Intrepid) and seems confident they can get it.


Gamble #2? $80 is a small price to get it unseized...And then we can try fixing it again...The BF and I even feel more confident taking it apart now that we've messed around with it for 14 hours... And my pa was totally game for another shot if we can unseize the axle...

Am I nuts?

For $1000 I can have the (that one specific) headache GONE. Finished. No more labor. No more time. No more work (okay, more work on the other things that need to be done...but at least 1 problem would be fixed).



It reminds me a lot of my horse life. I'm too stubborn to admit my horse is best suited for a trail life. Too stubborn to not jump him, even though he's not bred nor have the mindset for it.


And then, stubborn resolve starts to pay off...possibly.

The local mechanic can squeeze us in tomorrow...when I asked how much it'd be to get the ball joint changed while he was at it (it's 100 degrees out...maybe I should sit in my A/C office and throw money at the job), he replied "I already told you. $80. You have the parts."

I almost fell off my desk chair.

So tomorrow we'll see if this is "real" or "too good to be true". Could my $5k in problems disappear for $80? If tomorrow meets my expectations, I can PROMISE you, I will devote myself to returning to this mechanic and will NEVER return to the dealership. Just feels too good to be true... Kinda like the way it feels when Moon jumps properly or softens into the bit. You just stand there and stare. I kinda feel like standing here and staring just a moment...

Fingers crossed, the car behaves properly tomorrow!


  1. :) Best wishes for you. Car troubles are so stressful.

    I'd never go to a dealership. They're too rich for my blood.

  2. Good luck! I'm dealing with my own car troubles right now and I'd love if I could find someone to fix them for $80!

  3. Best of luck! Cars can be such a pain, but so necessary. Ugh! I hope it works out, can't beat $80 for any type of major car repair!

  4. Good mechanics are like good farriers & vets - you hang on to them! Hope all goes as planned!