Saturday, April 14, 2012

When you've only got a second...

I've been trying to stay rigorous in my dedication to get out at least 3 times a week to work with Moon. Yesterday, the weather was beautiful, but I was supposed to be at a wedding shower for my sister.

After getting all my gift wrap and dressed up for the thing, I found myself about 20 minutes ahead of schedule...

My folks (where the shower would be) live about 15 minutes from the place where Moon is boarded, and when you come to the overpass, you either go left to their house, or right to visit Moon.

...I went right.

Knowing I didn't have a ton of time, I pulled him in from the field (he was just rolling in the snow : P ), and gave him a quick grooming. I'm astounded by how much shedding he is doing right now (I know, but still!), and it feels like he'll never be shiny and glossy again.

I'm still struggling to believe that he's the 'chestnut' that his registration papers claim. Brown or a bay. Not a chestnut to me.

He's got LONG guard hairs all over his coat that aren't coming out, and they're a beautiful chestnut. The rest of not.

So he got lots of treats and pets and a good once over, before I looked at my watch and realized I was now 15 minutes late! : ) I mean, if you've only got a second...go spend a minute with your horse!

One more quick treat and back into his paddock. He was looking much better, and I even managed to snap a few pictures. I've starting doing a couple of belly lifts every time I groom him, not thinking they'll help, but just that they help me visualize how much improvement might be expected if we manage to build up some more stomach muscle on him.

I've been staring at his belly and the free-choice hay bale, wondering if I should put a grazing muzzle on him. I don't want to cut his feed too dramatically, and really think that exercise might be the best place to start with him. I think at this moment, too much food isn't so much a factor as too little exercise.

I didn't bother to put the hoof conditioner on since it's so wet out, and his newly trimmed hooves look really good. I actually think I'm excited for his next trim.

I got to get some nice confirmation shots of him, minus an ill placement of his hind leg. Looks STUPID!

I've also passed along my farrier's contact information (Winning Touch Equine Services) to a friend with a mare that has a bad hoof crack causing lameness. My farrier uses some really unique products for hoof repair that means you get to forgo shoes, something that can be dangerous (kicking, lost shoes and nails in the field, lack of traction on concrete, etc.), expensive (especially when they keep coming off in the muddy paddocks), and not really necessary.

She also uses a similar product for packing soles in the summertime for horses traveling on a lot of gravel and developing tenderness. I'm going to see how Moon does and then determine if this might be something for us.

Anyway, I manage a brief moment of pony time, and hope to be back out tomorrow for a nice LONG trail ride...hopefully the weather is nicer then today!

Oh, and I bought Moon a 52" embarrasing! At least he's not trying to bite my a$$ everytime I try to get the billets to reach the buckles!

One last thing. I found a good article on measuring back sway and judging lordosis. I'm going to measure Moon'er next time I'm out and seeing if it's as big of a deal as I think, or maybe more of a conditioning problem.

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