Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pimpin' Price

I've had a couple people ask me how much the sandblasting and repainting of my trailer will be. We all know horses can be crazy expensive, and everything that goes along with them.

For starters, here's my first quote. This one includes doing the frame, which my quotes from the others does not include. My plan is to just paint that by spray-bomb since it's gonna rust off pretty fast anyway. Let's face it, we salt our roads and drive a lot of gravel...

Oh, and the last two places were sandblasting to a near-white (gotta learn the lingo) which is an SSPC SP10. The one below is only to a commercial grade (SSPC-SP6).

For your reference, on rusted (left column) and pitted metal (right), the two grades would appear as:
And yes, I AM that big of a dork. Blame my dad.

So here we have the most expensive:

And then one for *just* painting the trailer interior and's another $400 or so for Sandblasting...:

I don't have written quotes for the last two, but WSB said:

$1700, including interior and exterior polyurethane paint in Chevy blue (2 coats), plus epoxy primer (1 coat) and sandblasting.

Finally, my preferred company:


$1000 to $1100 to do the interior and exterior in polyurethane paint in chevy blue (2 coats) plus one coat of epoxy primer. Also sandblasting inside and out, including the rims.

Keep in mind, this, is my little trailer...

And since we ripped out that extra front panel, it's got even less surface area! And no roof! And the interior of the rear doors is still pristine...

My American friends, I bet you could get yours done locally for $800 if it was the size of mine. Everything is better priced in America!

Now not everyone run out and get their trailer sandblasted! I need to get mine in first!!! : P And I still might wind up doing all the painting myself...

No visiting the Moon-pie tonight as I'm off to meet the Sulky Horse! You of these:

Plus another meeting of the Interlake Riding Club's executive! I wish the pony trailer would be ready for the upcoming trail ride at Narcisse...

Oh well, maybe next year! We're for SURE making it to the parade in July...

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  1. My first horse was broke to drive and I used to buzz around with a two wheeled jog cart like that all the time. The barn I was at was really into driving horses and had a nice 1/4 mile track out back to jog. My good ol' Quarter Horse could really put on the trot! Still, as fun as it was, I still prefer to be astride than behind lol.