Monday, December 5, 2011

Wanna go home.

So as time elapses in my pony-ownership adventure, I realize more and more how desperately I wish I could take Moon home. Home, being to live in a big pasture next to me, where I'm his primary care giver, where the other horses in his paddock are horses of my choosing and where I'm responsible for his food, his care and his everything.

Some people would say they'd rather not, as not being the primary gives you more free time, to ride say. But the care part is an enjoyable part of the process. It's not a time-eatter, it's time to be spending with him.

All of this has left me contemplating some awful, near impossible sounding thoughts.

...I know a fellow close to home who has an old cattle barn and pasture, that's been sitting vacant for years. A couple years ago he had it listed as for rent...

It's a cute little barn, and with some replacement fencing, it'd be perfect. I've already got a spool of HT wire at home and the small paddock already has posts...The large pasture I was planning on fencing eventually anyway...

I'm set-up to haul hay, have a tractor on-site for clearing the snow for access and there's electricity for a water-trough heater...

Would it be nutty to move him there next winter? And look after all of his care?

Yeah, it probably would. : (


  1. It would be like a dream come true for me!! I love the taking care part of horse ownership, too. It's not all about the riding, and I feel that that is how the bond and trust is strengthened.

    But he will need a pasture mate. . .a cute donkey or maybe a goat! :)

  2. You'd probably never be happier, give it a lot of thought. The first thing that springs to my mind is who would care for him when you had to work away? Allison is right he would need company. Oh so much to think about....

  3. I guess I am pretty lucky being able to keep my horses on my families farm :)! They are either just outside our house or a short walk in another horse sized paddock on the farm.