Monday, December 12, 2011

Pleasurable Short Rides.

In the spirit of Missy and Mare, I headed to the barn Sunday morning with a santa hat and Moon's new stocking in hand. Only to discover my horse is impossible to pose and I hadn't enough time to try and get good photos if I wanted to ride him too. And I REALLY wanted to ride!

So I wound up with the one above picture. I'll need to get one of that stocking...I made a little "Moon-face" on it that looks just like him! And now it's hanging outside his stall, waiting for Santa Hooves to come visit.

The BF caught me last night staring, over and over again, at the below two pictures. I think I'm just soo proud of how Moon's progressing that I can't help but stare! The top pic was from April, the bottom, from this weekend. Look at the shiny pony! (who's not impressed with my photography...). Anyone see the little stocking hanging??

Our ride was short but wonderful. 25 minutes of walk-trotting, he did tons of transitions and just went great. I'm falling in love with sitting trot, it just improves your communication tenfold. For those of you that said you canter bareback, I dream of becoming you! Perhaps by spring?? And for those that commented on your TB's high wither...have a look at Moon's! Ouch.

 Today I drove down to North Dakota to pick up my parcels, though sadly the new girth and show gear hadn't arrived yet. And won't show up till after Christmas. Boourns. I'm gonna have to gear up and get some 'dressy' photos of us.

I did come back with Moon's new blanket liner, and am IMPRESSED. Schneider's can make a $34 liner look better constructed then some much more expensive products I've come across. From the rubber-reinforcements where the straps run through, to the inclusion of the adjust-a-neck, I'm thrilled! For a liner! For $34! Plus a big back of treats for Christmas, the repair patch for his blanket (going on tomorrow) and some $2 dewormer. Score. Happy Christmas Moon-pie! And of course, all the Christmas presents for the boyfriend : P

After I put Moon back out at W's, I headed over to T's place to give carrots to all the ponies there and drop off a Christmas gift for her. I snapped the photo above as I headed out. It's sad to think Moon's not there anymore, as the place was like home, though when I look at his shiny photograph, I'm thrilled. It'd be hard riding in the ice and snow (and cold...I'm from Manitoba, but I'm still a wimp at -40...).

Hopefully everyone else is well on their way on their Holiday prep. I finished the last of my stall signs due for the holidays, and have a pretty one to show everyone...Tomorrow!


  1. Moon is looking good! He looks cute in his Christmas gear :)

    I am excited to see your stall sign! I love them!

  2. Great photos!! Moon looks gorgeous.
    He looks very Christmassy all dressed up although he doesn't look too impressed by it all. (You still look cute Moon).

  3. Glad to hear the liner lived up to expectations. That really is a good idea to cross into ND to pick up the packages. My sister lives in Canada and about died when she got the shipping bill from FedEx for her last Schneider's order.

    Dee's back is so round, it's almost worse than having high withers. If you're going to slide off there is nothing to stop you. I had a QH as a kid with big ol' camel withers which I remember often hooking myself around to save from disaster lol.