Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Thousand Christmas Wishes

In2Paints recently had a contest where participants had to choose a template from My Memories Digital Scrapbooking and identify the memory they would want to capture.

For me, it was an easy choice. A beautiful template that proclaimed "Christmas glows with love". That is Christmas for me. And one of my fondest memories was last December when I opened a box to find a beautifully framed photograph of MoonSox, complete with every girl's dream: the words "All I want for Christmas is Sand to be my owner". He was mine. All mine. My first horse.

So In2Paints, I promised you a preview of my first designs in the awesome new software I was lucky enough to win thanks to Lilly's discerning taste buds. Thank you for the opportunity to capture that special memory, and I will definately be having this one bound.

"A thousand Christmas wishes,
A thousand more that came before
'Till that single Christmas moment,
when she found what she'd been praying for."

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