Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Year, Old Goals.

Reflecting back over our first year together (conveniently it occurs so close to the New Year), I can only say that I'm thrilled to have Moon, thrilled with his progress and thrilled with our training. 

Goals Dreamed:
2) To Ride Moon at LEAST Twice/Week for 1 year
New goal, with the potential for an indoor arena, is 3 rides/week in the winter!
8) Maintain regular lessons for at least 1 year.
9) Teach Moon to ride consistently 'on-the-bit'.
12) To complete my EC Rider Levels 1 and 2.
14) Complete Moon's AQHA Transfer papers, and join the 'Ride' Program.
15) To develop a slow, controlled canter on contact

24) Work on getting Moon to flex from the ground
25) Head to our first dressage show in 2012
26) Improve our jumping, by incorporate poles into our rides and progressing to jumping three 2' jumps by the end of winter (in a mini course)
28) Establish an EC English Rider Theory Group at W's place
29) Become successful in my stall plaque endeavor to fund our 2012 show season
30) Improve Moon's hooves so that our intermittent hoof-soreness disappears
31) Win a show ribbon. Place doesn't matter

We had a very successful 2011.

Moon now gets a trim every 4 to 6 weeks, almost to the day. His hooves don't flare as bad as they once did and while we're dealing with some post-trim soreness, we're making progres. He received his yearly vaccines last spring, we're set for the next round come March, and he's been dewormed three times, with the last one due at the end of December. Oh, and he finally got his teeth floated for the first time in years. I DO think it helped some with his sensitive mouth issues, though he'll always need a light hand.

11) To trailer to BHP with Moon for a trail ride.2011-07-23
We trailered a LOT this summer, from weekly lessons at W's to trail riding with T at Birds Hill Park and even out to Pembina Valley. A true dream come true. Moon trailers beautifully and I'm excited to haul out to shows this spring.

10) Build noticeable topline muscle. (while it's small, W claims it's noticeable!) 2011-08-24
He HAS topline now. He'll never not have a curvy back and he'll need a lot more regular work to develop that curvy neckline, but we're making progress. And progress is excellent.

13) Buy a better fitting saddle for Moon and I 2011-09-26
We wound up with an awesome priced Wintec Isabell, which fits us better then my old Blackburn. Is it perfect?? Not certain. I'd love to see a sweat pattern but he doesn't sweat in the winter! I think my leg position is better, but still not 100%. I do have a pad with inserts coming in, so maybe that'll improve things even more.

19) Move MoonSox to a barn with an indoor arena for the winter, so we can continue our training. 2011-08-17 - Barn Chosen. 2011-09-28 - Move-in Date!
In October we moved to W's and I'm not sure I ever want to go without an indoor again. This has been an awesome experience for both of us. Truly blessed.

18) Get Moon spending the cooler days in his summer sheet, to reduce coat bleaching, and protect him from being picked on. 2011-09-07
Well, we did a good job of it over the summer, despite my driving back and forth to add and remove blankets. I admit, I'm glad his winter blanket protects him now. He spent a day without it and has a ton of bites on his rump.

22) Investigate the possibility of keeping MoonSox indoors over the winter W made my dream come true! 2011-09-07 ...Then he was moved back outdoor to keep another boarder company, but gets a stall when it's cold out. 2011-11-22
He's not indoors a lot anymore, but he did get to live at least a couple weeks in a lovely box stall this year. And on the miserable days he still comes in, which is more then I can ask for.

23) Purchase necessary blankets/gear to make it through the winter 2011-09-26
We're doing it. Making it through the winter without mishap! Just one blanket repair!

16) To find my confidence and STOP putting both myself and my horse down. 2011-10-02
I think I found it. Seems now I just can't stop raving about my love for Moon! Granted, I still blame him and W for our successes! ; )

3) To Determine Moon's 'Healthy Weight' and Attempt to Get and Keep Him There. 2011-11-25
When I got Moon, he weighed about 1260 lbs. This summer I had him down to 1080 lbs, and after the move to W's, he measured at 1030 lbs. Today he weighs about 980 lbs, and I've determined he should stay between 950 and 1000 lbs.

21) Develop my sitting trot seat and 'get it right'. I can sit it...not constantly, but more then ever! 2011-11-25
And now, even more. Constantly improving on that sitting trot and LOVING it. I swear I don't want to post anymore!

27) Trail ride out of Wendy's place. 2011-11-12
We only trail rode once this year, but it was wonderful. Moon just loves being out there and so do I.

Goals Forgotten:
7) To Attend ONE 'Competition'. Perhaps the Interlake Riders Club Fall Fun Show (September 17th)
5) To Teach Moon Gymnastic Jumping, such that we can complete an 8 jump course at 2'3 height.

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